Grow Your Blog With A Website Evaluation

Grow Your Blog With A Website Evaluation

As a blogger I can atest that we’re always looking for ways to grow our blog and while we can all evaluate our own websites it can be very subjective which is where SEO agencies come in. I had an online marketing and search engine optimization audit completed by NJ SEO January 26, 2017. While website and brand analysis subject to change over time there are certainly some usual things for me to look into.

Rhian Westbury is a growing lifestyle blog. Its positive attributes are openness (branded as bloggers name), passion for writing, wide range of topics within the lifestyle category.

About Us:
Open and honest with a headshot picture. A video is recommended along with a Youtube channel to engage on a deeper level. Multiple pictures on About Page usually helps others relate.

Social Media:
Multiple accounts, but Facebook could be added.

Website Size:
1,430 blog posts is much larger than the average lifestyle blogger, and therefore gives an advantage to reach a wider audience, both through search engines and social media.



Email List:
Email subscription should be asked of readers using an option form.

Reader Engagement:
Comments on blog posts represents a quality blog; writing is solid and readers appreciate it.


Titles, Descriptions, Keywords Onpage Content:

Why Having A January Birthday Can Suck

While the current title is catchy, leading with a keyword phrase can give it more power in the search engines. Writing a “click bait” type headline will also increase the likelihood of readership; it only backfires when content does not match up with the promise (headline). A keyword focus of “January birthday” and catchy headline could be:

January Birthday Absurdities [Competing Against Jesus and Snow] Description:
Currently no meta description is set, and it auto pulls content from the post. Here is an opportunity to write an even more compelling reason for searchers to click it, while supporting with keywords.

It’s snow, cold, gray and everyone spent their $$$ during the holidays. Left-over presents and lackluster bday parties, but we also usher in the new year and get ….

January birthday

Onpage Content:
Quality writing and self-reflection. An easier to consume format would include subheadings. H2, h3, h4 as well as bold and underline main points and keywords for dramatic effect (not overdone). Featured image is good, but either a) a more unique image for featured image such as Three Wise Kings holding an empty present (artwork from a freelancer website), or personal images whether the cold exterior or a poorly re gifted present. Video again would add engagement and time on site for readers to consume your media.

“Do you like when your birthday is?”
Excellent call to action for engagement.

SEO Rankings:
Not ranking for many generic keywords. As content continues to grow and onpage SEO becomes stronger, with more user engagement, traffic and rankings will coincide.


Nearly 1000 Quality backlinks. “Link building” can be done via continued comments, engaging with other bloggers, joining blog syndication networks, collaborations and roundups.


Domain Authority, Page Authority, Trust Flow:
29 Domain Authority and 41 Page Authority higher than the average lifestyle blog on the internet.


Online Marketing and Search Engine Optimization Summary:
Rhian Westbury is a personal brand, lifestyle blog with growing post count, readership and topics. There are opportunities for accelerated growth based on the recommendations above; the website and brand is above average in multiple metrics and should continue to succeed.


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