I Heart These New Lindsey Kelk Books

I Heart These New Lindsey Kelk Books

I have always loved to read but I never feel I get enough time to do it. I say to myself I’ll go to bed half an hour earlier every night and read but sadly it never works out like that so generally the only times I get to read are train journeys into London when I go to gigs. Last week I picked up ‘I Heart Paris’ by Lindsey Kelk and could not put it down; so much so I finished it in 3 days.

The book is the third in the currently six part series (I Heart New York, I Heart Hollywood, I Heart Paris, I Heart London, I Heart Las Vegas and I Heart Christmas) but had I have known this I would have held off and bought the first two to begin with. Despite jumping in at the third book everything made sense, previous events were explained enough that I understood everything but not overly done that you’d be annoyed had you read its processors.

As a general overview the books cover the story of Angela who lives in London with her boyfriend but she finds him cheating on her whilst at her best friend’s wedding. In a bid to get away and start a fresh she flies to New York to start a new life. She lands a job blogging for a magazine called The Look and thus re-starts her life. This includes a trip to Hollywood (book 2!) where she interviews a celebrity and makes her name for herself by finding out that he’s gay.

During the book I read – I Heart Paris – Angela is dating new boyfriend, musician Alex, and the pair embark on a trip to Paris. Angela is asked to write a piece for sister glamorous magazine Belle (think UK Vogue!) The trip doesn’t all go to plan as Alex’s ex-girlfriend makes an appearance, Angela gets her suitcase blown up, her Belle article is sabotaged and Angela almost leaves her life and moves back to London.

The books may not be ground breaking in so far as the story lines but they’re such an easy read. The sort of thing that you genuinely won’t be able to put down (I almost missed my stop on the train twice and did suddenly realise it was 2.30am one night whilst reading!) And it’s interesting reading about Angela’s life as a fictional blogger!

I’ve now ordered the next three books in the collection and can’t wait until they arrive: I might lose another few weeks of my life, but it will be well worth it.

Have any of you read any books you just couldn’t put down? I’m always on the lookout for a great read!

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