Music To Soundtrack Your Week

Music To Soundtrack Your Week

Welcome to the first of my weekly posts: bands to soundtrack your week. I am incredibly lucky that I get to listen to a lot of new music through either support slots at shows or through the music sent to me through Hit The Floor. And in amongst the general averageness there are always some stand out bands.  This week I’d like to introduce you to three of my favourites which need to soundtrack your week:

Issues. Now they aren’t exactly a new band, the hype around them is insane at the moment but it still amazes me when I speak to people and they haven’t heard of them. Now I am a complete sucker for the mix of clean vocals and screaming anyway and Issues master the set up perfectly. Tyler Carter’s voice is a beautiful blend of rock with a rap/ hip hop element. I missed the band live both times they came to London so when they recently played Reading I wedged my way in early enough to make sure I didn’t miss out again and my was it worth it.

Circa Wave. Again another band I owe thanks to Reading for seeing live! I’d heard the name knocking about and my friend said she’d heard them before and they were great. The fact that they’ve been listed at Radio 1 certainly is a good enough testament. Now normally I’m not all that into indie bands but Circa Wave bridge that gap just outside of the normal boring indie which I detest and have a decent beat and riffs that don’t want to make me fall asleep. There were also a few tracks which I knew I’d heard before.

The One Hundred. Anyone who knows me will probably be bored of me banging on about this band but the second I heard ‘Kingsmen’ at the beginning of the year and subsequently saw them support Yashin in London I’ve been hooked. The lads tore up a storm at Hevy and were genuinely one of my favourite bands to both see and photograph at the festival. Their debut full length album came out a week ago and I’m really hoping that everyone loves it as much as I do: there’s electronic beats, heavy beats and vocals ranging from Hadouken/ Enter Shikari esque to the heaviest thing you could image.

What do you think of the bands I’ve included? Let me know your thoughts.


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