My Wonderful Experience Of Birchbox

My Wonderful Experience Of Birchbox

Benefit Porefessional: £24.50/ Laqa & Co purple lip lube: £14/ Whish body butter: £14.50/ No4 hairspray: £18.50/ Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream: £20

Chella Ivory highlighting pencil: £15.95/ Supergoop CC daily protect cream: £32/ Dead Sea Spa Magik shower gel: £7.15/ Tommyguns Weather Protect Smooth & Finish Creme hair serum: £6.50/ Miracle Skin Transformer microderm: £25

Now I’ve never been adventurous with my make up or beauty regime and thus buy the same old products every time I need to top up which is why the idea of Birchbox appealed so much to me. I don’t always agree with recommendations by other people so the chance to try a host of different branded products a month myself seemed to appeal. Plus I was insanely jealous when I saw friends post pictures of their monthly boxes full of delights. The products you receive are only sample sized but they’re big enough to get a real feel for the product and with some of the beauty products felt full sized anyway. I signed up in July and within my first box received Benefit Pore-Fessional, A Laqa & Co Purple Lip Lube, Whish body butter, No4 hairspray and Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream.

subscription beauty box

These are all products I wouldn’t even thought about and whilst some I wouldn’t buy afterwards there are a few I now would (or already have).

I heard a lot of good things about Benefit’s Pore-Fessional before trying it for myself but at a little over £20 for a bottle I’d never given it a go. But after trying the sample size (which is still going despite being used every day for just over a month!) I’ve gone out and bought a full sized version myself. The primer is smooth with a lovely texture and leaves me with a slight glow covering some light blemishes and sits perfectly underneath my make-up.

laqa and co benefit

The other product I was insanely happy with was the Laqa & Co purple lip lube, I’d wanted to try purple lipstick for a while but wasn’t sure it would suit me and lipstick colours always leave me in a disaster. Don’t pay much for a product which isn’t great but if I don’t use it again it’s not a waste or pay a decent amount of money for a good quality product I might like more while risk wasting money. The lip lube was a lovely colour which was pretty bright (especially for a bore like me!) but wasn’t too dark to wash out my pasty face. And also looks even better now I’ve got matching purple hair (sort of). It has a really smooth feeling and lasts pretty well for a lipstick. Once this runs out I will certainly be buying another one.

The Balance Me wonder eye cream I haven’t got round to using enough to develop a proper feeling for but when I have used it it’s left my eyes looking slightly more awake than they tend to and isn’t greasy or sticky like I find a lot of eye creams which is a massive bonus. The body butter and hairspray whilst I have no complaints with the products aren’t really items I’d probably use again.

beauty box

My second Birchbox was just as nice a surprise featuring a Chella Ivory highlighting pencil, Supergoop CC daily protectcream, Dead Sea Spa Magik shower gel, Tommyguns Weather Protect Smooth & Finish Creme hair serum, Miracle Skin Transformer microderm and a sample chapter from new book. I won’t go on to talk about every product because with Hevy and Reading Festivals I haven’t had much of a chance to use them but again it was a lovely mixture of different products. And I’ve already fallen in love with the highlighter pencil. Dark eyes is something I tend to suffer with a lot, it’s probably the late nights and lack of sleep but this pencil works fantastically with my current eye regime (Garnier Caffine eye roll on, which I swear by!) It just lightens my eyes enough and is another product I will almost certainly be buying again.

But it isn’t just the products which make Birchbox a fantastic subscription, when you signup you can complete some surveys about your skin/ hair type and the types of products you’d like to receive, for example the highlighter pencil I received would not have suited someone with darker/ more olive skin as it was super light but worked well for me.

Alongside this every month you receive points (12 for getting your Birchbox and 5 for each survey you complete on a product in your box: total of 6). Once you receive 100 points which will only take just over 2 months you get £10 to spend in the Birchbox shop which includes full sized versions of products in the box alongside a whole load of other beauty products. Also if you recommend someone and they use your link you both get 50 points. I think this is a great incentive as I’ve only had 2 and already got some money to spend, although I’m tempted to wait a few more months and treat myself before Christmas.

Does anyone else have a Birchbox subscription? If so what do you think of it? Or does anyone subscribe to anything else similar?

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