Music To Soundtrack Your Week

Music To Soundtrack Your Week

It’s October which only means one thing an insane amount of live shows; literally every week is crammed so full i’m having to really limit myself on what I actually go to. Thankfully I did choose to go and see Marmozets last week and it was insane, most definitely one of the best shows i’ve been to all year. And I can’t stop listening to the whole of their debut album ‘The Weird And Wonderful Marmozets’ so here’s one of their tracks that i’m obsessed with.

Next up are Bury Tomorrow. If you know me then you’ll know this choice is no surprise. The band are about to head out on tour with Hands Like Houses, In Hearts Wake and Slaves and i’m so blooming excited about the tour i’m going to two days. I’ll be Birmingham bound next weekend and London bound the week after. ‘Runes’ is fighting off one other album to potentially be my album of the year (I won’t ruin the surprise of it’s competitor) but if you haven’t heard it then prepare your speakers and your mind to be blown away.

My final band of the week are Road To Horizon who have just released a pretty special EP by the name of ‘Faultlines’. The five piece lads from Leeds are fresh in the post hardcore/ metal core scene and i’m a complete sucker for the dual clean/ scream vocals so this band hit the spot perfectly. If you’re from London make sure you check them out on Sunday 19th October at the Surya.


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