Touches To Make Your Flat More Homely

Touches To Make Your Flat More Homely

When you have your own place it’s amazing how home-ware shopping can instantly become way more exciting, especially when you have a whole flat/ house to call your own. I’ve been in my place for two years now and it’s amazing how much stuff I have accumulated in that time.

pink wallpapertravel wallpaper

My flat is a new build so I was told I had to wait six months before I could decorate in case there were any issues with the building structure. I decided to wait a year but as soon as my anniversary kicked in I knew that I wanted a feature wall in both my bedroom and my spare bedroom/ study. My room has always had a pink and black theme going on so when I saw this bright pink and silver design I knew it was spot on (and there’s even a very slight glittery affect to it!) and in my second room I wanted something a little different and as soon as I saw this travel wallpaper I knew it was perfect.

festival wristbands
Festivals are a huge part of my life and for the first few years of festival going I’d keep the bands on which looking back makes me realise how bad my summer tan lines must have been. I knew they had to come off but I didn’t want them to just sit in a box somewhere and be forgotten about which is why I bought these black frames. Some of the wristbands are really pretty and each one reminds me of different things so I knew they just had to be out on display. The picture above is of one of the frames and i’m currently on three.
travel postcards
Another big part of my life is travelling; from my trips to America and Canada through to my weekend breaks in Europe. I love the thrill of being in a new city, exploring and seeing new sights and my postcard wall reminds me of how lucky I am and some of the beautiful places I’ve been to. Although I am starting to worry that I pretty much have no space so I might need to rethink after my next trip!

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