Marmozets – The Weird And Wonderful Marmozets

Marmozets – The Weird And Wonderful Marmozets

Female fronted bands are rare to find in amongst the sea of masculinity: and really good female fronted bands are even rarer to find but Marmozets are here to fill in the gap. Becca Macintyre is the sort of front woman who would leave Hayley Williams quivering in her converse and bridges the gap between the two worlds.

If you Google Marmozets you’ll see they’re two sets of siblings – some of which are still in their teens – and see they’re described as a ‘math-rock’ band but there is far more to them than fiddly time signatures and fast drum patterns. The chemistry between the siblings is instantly apparent in the way that each instrument both blends in together yet is instantly recognisable on it’s own.

They radiate a genuine punk-vibe coupled with bile spitting vocals that so many like-minded bands haven’t managed to quite pull off. With the album being their debut full length we’ve heard a selection of the tracks already including ‘Born Young and Free’, ‘Captivate You’ and ‘Why Do You Hate Me’ but they still sound as fresh as ever; even if our song count is in triple figures!

‘Born Young And Free’ is the perfect way to open their debut album: you could listen to this song and switch off satisfied. The sound which will erupt from your speakers makes it apparent that your listening experience will be fun, varied yet destructive. It’s also lyrically the best way to describe the band: yes they are young and by god they’re free. If Marmozets music isn’t created through freedom then we’re genuinely worried to hear what they’d sound like without constraints. Becca growls “We Don’t Care” on loop as the track begins to descend it’s clear that they don’t need to care about what people think.

However chaotic a track is – ‘Particle’ for example – it all seems to fit: organised chaos is the only way of describing it. Every track has the violent element which is ever present in Becca’s impressive screams but has evolved into something equally as melodic. Something we don’t see very often is a band whose singer can both scream and sing; Becca does two peoples jobs, and both of which she does insanely well.

Most songs sound unhinged and almost dangerous with fast riffs and time signatures that collapse in a whizz of distortion, yet the band can still pull of a slow number and ‘Cry’ shows the band in a far more vulnerable state.While ‘Vibratech’ kicks off with a whole host of jarring and frantic riffs that wouldn’t be out of place on an album by The Dillinger Escape Plan. One piece of advice don’t try to head bang to this because you’ll probably hurt yourself; that’s advice you can probably carry through the whole album.

Just comparing to previous efforts it’s clear the bands sound has matured but it still retains the youthful energy and enthusiasm we’ve come to expect. In short the album is full of punchy riffs and ferocious vocals and it is solid confirmation that Marmozets are worth every inch of the hype surrounding them.



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