SEO Tips: Ensure You Pick The Best Keywords For Your Blog

SEO Tips: Ensure You Pick The Best Keywords For Your Blog
As a freelance writer I write a lot of brand SEO pages where companies want to rank well for things like ‘Garages in Glasgow’, ‘Removal Services in London’ and a million other types of things. While most bloggers don’t always blog about the same thing if you have a post about your review of a product you want people to find your post if they type the product’s name and review into Google.

Despite dealing with SEO keywords all day everyday within my full time role and my freelance work I am not great with them on my blog, something I need to work on this year! By choosing the right keywords and using them correctly you can give your pages the best chance possible. Remember though SEO is a long term process and just by adding a particular keyword it won’t shoot you to the top of Google searches within a few minutes (something clients of mine can’t seem to understand!)

You can see through Google Analytics how people are currently hitting your posts through organic search, and I bet for most of you (including me) who are not actively optimizing your blogs that social and possibly referral/ direct traffic comes in higher than organic search. To check this go into your Google Analytics Account > Acquistion on the left > Overview. You can then drill down further by clicking the sections to see how people are finding your blog.

organic search acquistion

If you’re talking about a product for example Urban Decay’s Setting Spray keywords should include ‘Urban Decay’, ‘Setting Spray’ and ‘Urban Decay Setting Spray’. If you use the later then it covers all three keywords which is win win. You should also think about using ‘Urban Decay Setting Spray Review’ as this is likely what people are going to type into Google. I know before I buy a new beauty product i’ll always check out other bloggers opinions by reading reviews so make sure yours pops up when me and others do the same.

When using keywords these should appear in the title, the alt text of the image, the meta description and within the text. How many times it appears in the text depends on the length of the post. If your post is a standard 350 words long twice is enough, if you’re heading more to 500 words then three times will suffice. Be wary not to add it in too many times, or make it seem unnatural as this can be known as ‘keyword stuffing’ and isn’t a positive.

This would be the same for all posts so if you’re doing a post on a recipe for vegan pulled pork (yes it does exist and yes it’s gorgeous!) you’ll want to choose keywords such as ‘Vegan Pulled Pork, ‘Vegan Pulled Pork Recipe’, ‘Vegan Cooking’ and ‘Jackfruit Pulled Pork Recipe’ Most of the time you’ll naturally use keywords through your posts but it’s worth being conscious about.

Moz have a great article talking about how to choose keywords which you can read here for more information.


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