SEO Tips: Fixing Those Pesky Broken Links

SEO Tips: Fixing Those Pesky Broken Links

If you haven’t ever performed a broken link check on your website and it’s anything more than a few months old then it might be worth grabbing a cup of tea, a large bar of chocolate and sitting down while you perform this. Hopefully, you’ll be lucky and won’t have many issues but it could be a massive issue to tackle.

I tend to find the most common cause of broken links is when other bloggers comment on my posts and add a hyperlink of their URL but as they’re trying to do it quickly they misspell their own blog (perhaps missing a .uk off the end, one of the w’s at the beginning etc). If someone ever leaves a link in a comment I always click it to make sure it’s a proper link, if it isn’t then sadly the comment has to go because on Blogger you can’t edit someone else’s comment.

Another one of the main culprits for broken links are those links for products which are now maybe out of stock or the page has been removed from the brand’s site. If a product is no longer available and I can’t swap the link to something else i’ll always just remove it. I do keep a note though of any links which have been agreed with PR’s and then i’ll generally replace the link with one to their homepage rather than a product which I may have reviewed or tested. If the company no longer exists at all then again the link can go.

On WordPress this is different and you can edit other’s comments, so you could just edit out the URL/ broken link. You just go into your comments area on WordPress and when you hover over a comment you get a load of options such as ‘approve/ unapprove, reply, edit, spam or trash the comment’. As a general rule I don’t think it’s good to edit others comments but when it’s just to remove a link it’s okay.

editing comments on wordpress

To check the broken links on your page I would recommend the below sites: This is the one I will always try to use where possible 

For those on WordPress I wouldn’t recommend the plugin as a lot of people have said it doesn’t work properly and you don’t want to rely on a plugin to do something when it might let things slip through.

I did mine for the first time around October last year and tackled a lot of broken links and having just done it again now I only have 10. It’s definitely something i’d say check on a monthly basis for that reason.



  1. February 16, 2016 / 12:33 pm

    Really useful post Rhian. I have been reading all your SEO posts and I've learnt lots.

  2. Jess Athorn
    January 27, 2017 / 3:48 pm

    Thanks so much for this I’d been manually checking my broken links until now so obviously a lot had slipped through!

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