SEO Tips: Image Alt Text

SEO Tips: Image Alt Text

The alt text on your images is great for SEO and really easy to do. This is what Google picks up on to know whether an image within your post is relevant for someone’s search term and it is a good way of Google finding more of your pages. If you did an SEO audit then this is something they’d pick up on should your site be missing them.

On Blogger this happens after you have physically inserted the image. When you have an image in your post and you click on it a whole host of options are displayed:

All you need to do is click properties and a window will pop up allowing you to add a title text and an alt text for your image.

blogger image alt text

While there is little difference between the two the title text should be what appears when you hover on an image on your blog and it is this that Google will pick up on first, while the alt text is meant to be alternative information. It is important to use keywords within your descriptions of exactly what the image is such as ‘Naked Concealer Swatches’ or something which again people would search for.

On WordPress you add this data before you insert your image. You can see here all the information for your title and alt image.

wordpress image alt text

This screenshot is from the music website I edit and we use the caption box to add a caption under the image of where we have sourced the image, perhaps from one of our in-house photographers who we would credit, or from a promo image a PR has sent us etc. This is something which would be useful for those of you who use others images (provided you’re allowed to use them- but that’s a whole other story!)

It is worth going back through each of your photos to add this data in and then each time you create a post this will just become one of those things which you do automatically.


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