My Slimming World Journey 2.0- Starting Fresh

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Going back to January 2012 myself and my mum joined Slimming World with dreams of how we wanted to look and determination that this was the diet we were going to stick to. In hindsight to even call it a diet isn’t right, it’s a lifestyle and something most target members carry on loosely for life.

At the time I was overweight (as I am now) and my mum was the same so I knew I needed to suggest something for the both of us. Within that year I lost four stone and was within a few pounds of my target, I felt great and I liked what I saw in the mirror but it all went wrong from there. From Christmas 2012 I gradually started putting the weight back on until earlier this year I was back to my starting weight (despite attending slimming world every week!) My mum on the other hand has lost 6 and a half stone and is still going (albeit slowly), towards her target which is within sight. I’m so proud of her because I know she’s leading a totally different life and is able to enjoy things she never could do and feel good about herself.

When I started putting on the weight I wasn’t getting support from my group, the leader was next to useless and I didn’t feel the same as I had when I started. So I chose to take a few a months off from group and start a fresh as a new member, in a new group, with new goals.

About 10 days ago I went back and my new group was slightly smaller (which was a good thing) and it was just a nicer atmosphere. The first week of going back to basics and weighing everything and writing a food diary was tough, especially because I had a meal out with work the night before my weigh in but I did it. I lost 2 pounds this week, which although was lower than I hoped I know the meal out would have contributed to this.

I feel much better in the confines of slimming world with my new group and despite knowing it will take longer this time I am determined that each month i’ll feel better and better about myself until I get to ultimately where I want to be.

August 9, 2015
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  • The group does make a big difference other wise you don't feel supported. good luck with your weight loss hun, have you ever tried to take pics before hand then say a month later taking more pics you see a massive difference x

    • I have measured myself as one thing, but photos do sound like a good idea, thanks! x

  • Good luck with it, a new start and a new group sounds like just what you need to reach your goal.


    • Thanks! I really think a fresh start was what I need! x

  • I've heard so many amazing things about Slimming World. It's a shame you wasn't being supported by the group. I know I lose weight better when I have someone doing the journey with me

    • Yeah me and my mum would only have done it first time with each other! Slimming world is fantastic I just haven't been in the best place when it all started going wrong! x

  • It's good to do these things in groups as it helps to have support and also people that are like minded around you.

    • Yeah I prefer the group atmosphere because you know everyone is in the same position as you. x

  • Congratulations on going back to Slimming World despite having such a rubbish experience the first time around. It can be a tough road but I can't wait to see your progress!

    Lottie xx

    • Thanks, I am hoping second time round it will be better x

  • Good luck with your goals, hope you reach them. I have started to eat more nutritious and healthy food recently and it really helps on loosing weight.

    Celia xx

    • Yeah it's also about having self control with food which is something I struggle with! x

  • A smaller group sounds like just what you need, when you are getting that time and advice from someone it's much easier to stay on track, whatever it may be you are doing. Good luck in the new group and with your weight loss!

    Georgia x

    Georgia Petite

    • Thanks Georgia. I think it is, we will see what happens next week! x

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