Dreaming Of Another Trip To New York

new york skyline

There’s no denying that I absolutely love New York. I love the hustle and bustle of Time Square, I love wandering around Soho, I love how peaceful Central Park is compared to the rest of the city and I love the shopping. I don’t think it’s going to matter how many times I go back there is always going to be more to do, but this just means another excuse to head back.

I’ve already decided that I want to head to New York again next Summer (July more than likely) to attend Warped Tour which is something I’ve wanted to do for ages, it’s even on bucket list! Because I know i’m going to be heading back I thought i’d start compiling some of things i’d love to do when I return.

Go up the World Trade Centre Tower 

This year was the first time I’ve properly seen Ground Zero as previous years there was so much building work going on and scaffolding going up that I couldn’t see much. The area where the towers were is hard to describe; its eerie but it full of peace and compassion, and the new tower (although there are more on the way) is lovely. You can go up the tower and see the views of the city from up there and next year I want to brave the queues and head up.

ground zero

See School of Rock 

When I was recently in New York I went to see Jersey Boys because it’s a musical both myself and my Nan love. But on the way towards the theater I saw an advert about a new play opening in November: School of Rock. Now I absolutely love the film and was so excited to see that somewhere had taken a chance and turned it into a show. Providing it’s still out (which it should be) i’m definitely going to go and see that next summer.

Go to a sports game 

I am pretty gutted with myself that after three visits to the city I’ve never been to a sports match. Ideally i’d love to go to an American Football game but I believe July it out of season but i’d be happy with NFL, Baseball or even Ice Hockey. Before I go out next summer i’ll need to see what sport is in season and make sure I grab a ticket. I think the atmosphere at a New York home game will be amazing!

yankee stadium

Go to Warped Tour 

Of course the main reason I will be heading back to the States will be for the summers annual Warped Tour so this is a massive thing i’ll be able to tick off my bucket list. I quite like the idea of bands changing times and stages each day so you never know what you might see, and I love the idea of being at a festival in another country to see how their experiences match our own. Warped is such an institution within the rock world that I know it’s going to be special.

Go to Woodbury Common outlet park 

Now there’s no hiding the fact that I am a bit of a shopaholic, if there are shops anywhere I will hunt them out and find something worthy of spending money on. I was recently told by a friend about the Woodbury Common outlet park where you can pick up designer and named brands even cheaper than standard US prices which are already decent compared to the UK equivalent. I know i’m going to need to save a good chunk of spending money so I better start now eh!

new york from the sky

Explore the Museum of Modern Art 

I don’t hate art but I would never really say that I am a huge art fan, but most people I have spoken to about New York have said that the Museum of Modern Art is worth a visit. Because I’ve done a lot of the other things New York has to offer (Statue of Liberty, Rockafella Centre (which is better than the Empire State Building), Central Park etc) I think it’s time I did something a little cultured.

 Have you been to New York? What are your favourite things to do and see?
September 25, 2015
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  • I've not been to New York since I was 15, would love to go back. Hubby would love to visit the yankee stadium

    • I'm sure you'd find a lot has changed, even compared to when I went 2 years back loads had changed. The Yankee Stadium was lovely to look round! x

  • Ha, this is the second post today I have read about New York and I juts want to drop everything and go visit. One day I will make it.

    • You can get flights quite cheaply now so it is much easier to go than ever before! x

  • I've never been to New York but I've always dreamt of going. I always imaged I'd visit in the winter when it was snowing, I'd get a hot chocolate before going to see a show then hitting the shops. Looks like such a great place with so much to do. It's like a different world!

    Chelsea | http://www.lifeinthenorth.com

    • I do want to go in the winter time and experience their snow, maybe for new year or in January as that's when my birthday is. I've only ever been in August, September and October haha x

  • A play of School of Rock?!?! I have to see that! It's one of my favourite films! But unfortunately I can't go to New York for at least two years 🙁

    • Yep, i'm so excited! Hopefully it will do really well and stay there for quite a long time. x

  • I would love to take my boys to New York – my partner has been three times and loves it – so much to see and do

    Laura x

  • I love New York City. My sister lives in Manhattan but even so, I haven't visited since becoming a father (IS n seven years). I'd never heard of the Warped tour but is sounds like a great idea!

    • I can't believe that you haven't been back in that long, well overdue then! 🙂 x

  • I've been to NY on a school trip before but I want to go as an "adult", save up soem serious money and SHOP SHOP SHOP!
    Liquid Grain

    • Oh yeah you do need to save lots of money for shopping, it's like a haven for that! x

  • Pretty jealous of you're trip to New York! Buuut I am even more jealous about getting to go to Warped Tour! It too is on my bucket list and so many of my favourite artists go there every year- it really is a must that I go there one time! I'd also be hitting up all the museums/arty/design places in New York too!
    I hope you have an amazing time!
    Lauren // OhHay Blogs!

    • I am just counting down the days until they announce the venues/ dates so I can plan my trip. I hope the line up is as good as previous years too! *fingers crossed* x

  • Looks like a wonderful trip. I've been a few times and have loved it although probably needed another holiday to relax after all of the sightseeing 🙂 I would recommend the Museum of Modern Art too!
    Our Seaside Baby

    • Oh yeah you do need another holiday afterwards, it isn't for the faint hearted! x

  • I love New York. I'd love to go there for a few days and do my Christmas shopping.

    • I think i'd struggle to do Xmas shopping there because there would be too much i'd want there! x

  • I have never been to New York! I would love to go! I've been watching re-runs of Ugly Betty and it's been making me itch to just book a flight, haha! I can imagine going around Christmas time would be magical!


    • I really want to go one year around Christmas or NY to see what it's like in the snow and feeling all Christmassy! x

  • Another? Oh girl! I never been! im jealous you went in first place! Looks soo amazing!

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