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This summer I purchased an SJA SJ4000 Action Camera to use at festivals and just in general and I have loved carrying it around. I purchased a small adapter which meant that I could fit it on top of my SLR camera for when I was taking photos (although I still need to master this!)

So many people use GoPro cameras but if you aren’t sure whether you want to commit to spending so much on one the SJA Action Camera is a great way to find out how much you use it.

It has a handy LCD screen on the back to see what you’re shooting and the set comes with lots of different adapters which you can use, and additional accessories are so cheap on EBay. You can find out more about the exact specification of the action camera right here.

As a Christmas treat I thought i’d offer one of these cameras out to readers of my blog. You can enter below:
Terms & Conditions:

– This competition is only available to entrants in the UK
– The competition will close at midnight on Sunday 6th December
– The winner will be notified within 48 hours

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November 6, 2015
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  • Such a generous giveaway! I think I's use it for festivals too as I only have my Canon 600d now which I wasn't able to take along to any of my festival adventures this summer 🙁

  • I'd use the camera for blog photos and youtube videos since my main camera recently broke and i'm yet to save up enough for the one i want!

  • Well,it's an action camera so i'd probably use it on rollercoasters & my bike rides! I think the videos would look awesome! 🙂

  • I'd use it for everything, I don't have a camera,phone or otherwise, to use for my blog or on my hikes or even for family photos so I'd probably use it any chance I get!

  • family fun times like theme parks and the seaside but also for sport actives with my children cricket etc

  • I would use it to record memories of me and my family

  • I would take it with me everywhere to catch all the important memories made by my family to keep forever

  • Would take everywhere on family days out, theme parks, holiday

  • Maria A.

    I would use it to catch memories of my growing children.

  • james wood


  • Filming my daughters 18th in April

  • I'd use it when I'm out on my bike or when I'm out fishing

  • for capturing activities that the grand-kids are doing

  • My boys would love it for their bikes.

  • For my adventures on my electric bike!

  • I would use it on holidays and days out

  • I'd use it to video our gigs

  • Anonymous

    I'd use it whenever I'm doing certain things like swimming and creative videos

  • Skiing, holiday adventures and the kids

  • I'd use it for festival photos x

  • Steve Carroll

    I'd use it in the car to record the morons I see everyday!

  • I'd use it to capture my dogs

  • Anonymous

    take pics of the whole family

  • Gigs mostly! 😛

  • I would use it at the work xmas party

  • I would use it for sports days and beach holidays

  • for when my hubby goes fishing

  • I would use it on my first surfing experience next year!

  • I would use it when skiing.

  • I would use the camera to blog and make videos for youtube

  • for when I go mountain biking I can track later where I`ve been

  • To use to post photos onto Ebay.

  • To record memories of my children cycling and other outdoor pursuits

  • My original answer was for filming skiing, but now I'm thinking about having it in the car whilst driving

  • skiing holidays and city breaks with the family xx

  • Dee Dmonte

    I would use the camera for Christmas snaps.

  • Memories , my first baby is 7 weeks old and i dont want to miss a moment x

  • I would take it to the pub and get some really funny moments.

  • Family bike rides

  • I'd love to win this for my husband, who loves to film fireworks and air shows

  • I am doing a charity parachute jump in the new year – would be great to use it for that!

  • I'd use the camera to record my hill walks

  • Michelle Phillips

    I would use it to film my trip to Bali!!

  • My hubby would love it for mountain biking 🙂

  • I'd use it to see how my daughter manages to navigate round her bedroom!!!!!!

  • I would take it to sea with me to get some great shots of sea life

  • Recording my kids growing up!

  • stacey turner

    i would use it for taking photos of my daughter

  • i;d use it when my daughter is at the park x

  • To record me and my mates adventures when we go abroad! 🙂

  • My trip to Japan

  • I'd use the camera to become an internet sensation being a Vlogger and make millions!

  • To capture memories of my rapidly growing grandchildren

  • I would use the camera for soooo much. I make films but recently lost cameras in a fire at the youth club i was running. I would continue to make films, use it for blogging and you tube as well as capture sweet beautiful memories with the ones I love xx

  • TC

    My daughter had just got a trike so think I'd get a mount to put it on the front of that, she'd love to film and replay where she'd been.

  • I would use it on my bike rides!

  • This would be perfect for my other half as he does triathlons – the perfect christmas gift!

  • My partner and I are going to Costa Rica next year in February and I would love to be able to film parts of the Jungle tour and activities that we do whilst we are out there.

  • Capture my child growing up 😀 fab giveaway x

  • Jadea

    I'd use it when across in California

  • I would take it with us when we go skiing

  • I'd take it on holiday with me and get some awesome pics of another culture xx

  • Anything to do with my children x

  • For any time I want a pic or video

  • for my brother in law who races minis xx

  • I would use it for my holiday to Thailand next year. We did a lot of off-roading and elephant riding last time we went, so I'd love to be able to catch it all on camera this time

  • I like to travel, and when I do I like to take photos of the places I travel to. I've bungee jumped in Sydney and I've done white water rafting in America. I also do a lot of running and bike rides for charities so this action camera would be great to capture these types of moments. Fingers are crossed x

  • For filming when we go out

  • I'd use it on my daily walks into the fields and woods with my three dogs.

  • for capturing nature

  • I'd use it to capture the kids opening their presents at Christmas!

  • to record videos of my family

  • to capture the great family days out

  • I'd tie it to a helium balloon, with a GPS locator on it, and release it. Then pick it up when it finally comes down to land and see what images it took.

  • After breaking my ankle last year I've been struggling to get my fitness back…I'd use the camera to spur me on with my cycling and running…hopefully to get fully fit again a lot sooner

  • My son would love to be filmed doing tricks on his scooter

  • My son would love to be filmed doing tricks on his scooter

  • for outdooor scenes

  • My husbands a private pilot so I'd love to gift it to him for so he can film his flights

    Kelly Ellen Hirst

  • Oh my what scenes this would record at festivals & gigs. Could you allow them to be viewed publically?

  • Take shots of my daughter doing gymnastics

  • My eldest is into a lot of sports so I would give it to him!

  • My friend's into endurance biking and I'd love him to be able to see just what he gets up to!


    I would you use this to picture all my childrens activities and I'm pretty sure they would use it on us!

  • I would put it on the dog when we go for our river walks to get a different perspective of the world.

  • I think I'd make a video at next summers family garden party. X

  • When I'm out on my bike

  • Anonymous

    I'd give it to my brother for when he's out on his quad bike.

  • I'd use it on my travels, I'm looking to do a coast to coast trip in America next year and it would be perfect

  • At 61 , you might think it too old to learn to Parachute. My ultimate aim is to do a FreeFall skydive and take pictures of our beautiful British countryside.

  • I would give it to my son to do Vblog of his biking

  • Anonymous

    i would give to my 7 year old, he lovers technology and would create some great blog memories of his childhood adventures.
    debbie jackson

  • Take pictures

  • for when cycling

  • I would give this to my husband for when he's out on the bike so that I can see the footage.

  • I would use it on the Black runs and off piste when I go skiing in January. I could also use it when my friends and I go 4 wheeling in the muddy forest near my home. This would be GREAT!

  • On our walking trips, my husband is very prone to scrambling down cliff-sides in order to get the best photographs, I would love to capture these daring adventures on an action camera to show him how much he causes my heart to skip a beat – and to amuse the kids!

  • I would give it to my husband, I know he would love it for cycling

  • As a family we do a lot of 'adventure' activities (white water rafting, go ape, rock climbing etc) so we would use it for those!

  • I would give it to my daughter to use on her adventure holidays and festivals 🙂

  • I would record almost everything! mt experience and travels

  • for fun days out with the family

  • Taking photos on my travels!

  • Inside my VW campervan, to take pics of my family and beautiful scenery while travelling

  • Lynsey Buchanan

    I would give it to my nephew to use when he is out cycling

  • Julie

    For cycling trips

  • When im out with the grandkids on our bikes

  • lynn r

    Family days out and holidays. Don't have a camera or a decent phone so would love to win x

  • We are going skiing in February so would be very useful then 🙂

  • I would use it when I go travelling next year

  • Would use it whilst fell walking.

  • Just a bit of vlogging!

  • I would give this to my son, and he would use it while riding his bike or doing some form of extreme blading lol

  • Snowboarding!!

  • I love to photograph my dogs so this would be amazing.

  • For filming all my family crazy antics

  • We are lucky enough to live in North Wales, so we have some amazing mountain biking tracks. We also go up Snowdon quite frequently, so it would be fantastic to document the hike!

  • I'd put it on my husband's wheelchair to get some shots of ground level

  • I'm sure it would get some good use on our trip to Disney!!!

  • for capturing natureS ANIMALS

  • Rebecca I

    To record some of the adventures I can't always hold on to a camera for…cycling, hiking, maybe even skateboarding.

  • Susan Smith

    Would use it to record the many memories the grandchildren give me

  • EJ Dunn

    I would use it in my work as a teacher. We do a lot of campaigning and this would be good to collect evidence.

  • to take it on family holidays and days out

  • when i go snowboarding

  • For grandchildren they are full of action

  • Anonymous

    would be fab for special family days I use my camera every day but have no films of my 4 children

  • Mountain biking

  • It would be great for when I go to see my grandchildren and I can relive all the fun when I get back home.

  • give it to my daughter for her trip to the South Pacific to record herself skydiving

  • I recently went paintballing and a friend attached one of these action cameras to the end of his paintball gun. I thought that was inspired and the footage was great. I think I'd do that. 🙂

  • capturing the kids skating or at banger racing

  • I would use this for photographing wildlife and especially the badgers which come into our garden.

  • Great for recording a 'day in the life'

  • my son would use it for when he's out and about on his bike and skateboards as he loves filming what he gets up too

  • Would use it as a helmet camera for when competing on the horse.

  • Capturing rides on my bike

  • Holiday snaps..

  • Capturing the expressions on my five grandchildrens' faces as they open their presents around the Christmas tree on Christmas morning

  • Chrissy Faery

    I'd use it to film all my adventures! I'd also love to use it for vlogging! 🙂 xx

  • Anonymous

    My trip to San Francisco in April that iv been saving up for for 2 years

  • For Xmas with the family

  • I'd use the camera to film my dog.

  • I would use it to record memories of my family

  • Making music videos

  • My son would use it for surfing.

  • for skiing 🙂

  • Bike rides to work.

  • My white German Shepard dog having a loony fit outside!

  • I would attach it to my bike.

  • Kim Styles

    For my family fun and walks

  • I would give it to my son for when he goes biking

  • My son would love this, he loves taking pictures and making little movies!

  • I would take it everywhere – horseriding, cycling, running – everywhere!! Such an exciting product .:) x

  • Capturing action photos of my family having adventures.

  • Photos of the family playing

  • On our holiday adventures with my family x

  • to vlog my adventures with fellow friends x

  • My son has been looking one of these for his drumming

  • I would give it to my Grandson for his A Level photography course-he uses the school one at the moment-good luck to everyone who enters

  • I'd use it while riding my bike.

  • To film my children biking through the the woods

  • i'd use it to capture my gorgeous little arrival

  • i would give it to my teen daugher for christmas

  • filming our adventures

  • On holiday in the Slovakian national parks

  • To record my mad dog running around like an idiot

  • Anonymous

    Both my husband and son would love this

  • I'd use it on my bike

  • I have lots pets it would be lovely to capture them playing

  • angela edmonds

    family snaps but would like to have a go at photographing wildlife xx

  • Anonymous

    I'd love to take it to the beach to capture us bodyboarding.

    Hazel Rea – @beachrambler

  • I'd give it to my eldest son so he could record his speed and stunt moves when out mountain biking 🙂

  • I would use it to take photos of my life story

  • i would use it to capture memories of my children and grandson growing up

  • To capture all the precious moments with my family.

  • To take pics of my 5 week old baby girl Lexie's 1st Christmas

  • Anonymous

    I'd use it on my guinea pigs and wild hedgehogs (@PeanutHog)

  • Family days out 🙂

  • I would like to use this camera to capture all my sons little moments as I have just had a son and was thinking that I need a camera however cant due to financial reasons this is a great opportunity xx

  • I'd use it when I go diving on a marine conservation project in Mexico in the coming summer 😀

  • I lost my camera as I left it on the train yesterday. This prize would be great as I can keep going to shows and taking photos.

  • Susan B

    I would use the camera for the children and the pets playing.

  • Looks good to take to Iceland each winter on holiday.

  • Perfect for filming wildlife

  • I would use for both as a Dash cam and also when walking in the welsh hills.

  • This would be brilliant to film my children and to use on our holidays

  • Fantastic prize hope I'm lucky enough to be using this at Christmas!

  • Film my daughter doing her martial arts classes.

  • Pam Francis Gregory

    Capturing my cats antics!

  • sarah-dawn pope

    I'd take it out on the motorbike

  • Filming the family and the cats

  • Denielle Nicol

    My Dog doing his tricks, my cats doing their antics, all the local wildlife I come across.

  • I'm a bit of an adrenaline junkie so I'd probably use it on whatever I try next! From bungee jumping to water ski-ing it all could be good!

  • i'd give it to my little brother and he would use it for football

  • I surf so would be good for that

  • I saw loads of people use these in waterparks on holiday, they looked really good for that!

  • I would like to give this to my husband for his cycle rides. He road races for charity and this year raised over £3000 for MIND. He has mentioned a camera like this many times so i would love to be able to treat him

  • My kids activities

  • I'm a bit of an adrenaline junky and love to doing extreme things like jumping out of planes and bungee jumping, this would be perfect for capturing these moments. I've always wanted one. Thank you for the chance x

  • I love to travel and we always look for local wildlife this would be amazing for catching live action footage on our travels

  • Anonymous

    Speedway photos
    George Williamson

  • Laura Norcop

    Filming kayak trips 🙂

  • Charmian Filewood

    Going to gigs and festivals to capture the fun properly 😀

  • My brother-in-law would love one as his surfing companion.

  • we go green laning in our old land rover, it is loads of fun

  • for my trekking in mountains

  • What wouldn't I use it for?! I've seen so many uses…but I would hope for snow to start with and some good old fashioned tobogganing with all the family involved would make for some great footage!

  • Perfect to take on holiday!

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