Is My New Mac Lipstick A True Sprinkle Of Magic?

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Mac Faerie Whispers Lipstick in A Sprinkle of Magic £15.50

I don’t normally buy in to a lot of the limited edition collections that high end beauty brands come out with, especially Mac as they usually happen so often they never really seem limited. But when Faerie Whispers got released a few weeks ago I had a little look through like I usually do and fell in love with ‘A Sprinkle of Magic’ one of the new lipsticks (Plus the words Faerie and Magic totally drew me in!)

Despite the fact that I do not need a new lipstick and I had not seen it in flesh (swatches online aside) I decided to take the plunge and make a purchase. I justified it by saying it was a birthday present to myself which incidentally is what I told myself for quite a few purchases throughout January.

sprinkle of magic mac

The colour is described as a ‘dirty orange nude’ which is exactly what it is but true to it’s namesake it has an added hint of sparkle. It isn’t particularly dark though for an orange/ nude, if anything it is quite a thin lipstick and because it’s one of the frosted lipsticks the finish is quite muted rather than creamy or matte like. The colour goes on evenly but even with the addition of a lip primer the little bit of colour you do get doesn’t last all that long.

Now I’m not disappointed that I ordered the lipstick as it is a pretty shiny shade which true to Mac’s style isn’t drying on my lips, but I kind of wish I had gone for one of the darker shades in the collection.

Do you buy limited edition collections? What do you think of the latest Mac collection?
January 21, 2016
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  • This is a lovely colour, I'm a sucker for any limited edition items – thanks for sharing x

    • It is a lovely colour but it's nowhere near as pigmented when you wear it x

  • That looks like a great colour for me. I love Mac, I won a gift card once and had the most awesome lipgloss from them.

    • I own quite a few mac products (esp the lipsticks) and usually they're all great x

  • My favourite is still MAC 'velvet teddy'! Thanks for the review 🙂

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  • I adore Mac lipsticks but can't justify the price haha. Thank god for xmas vouchers 😛 I currently own Ruby Woo, New York Apple (which looks great with Ruby Woo underneath) and All Fired Up.

    • I think I have about 8 at the moment and they've almost all been bought in airports or in America when on holiday. Rebel and Velvet Teddy are probably my favourites but there are too many to choose from x

  • I am yet to buy anything limited edition, as much as I love MAC I dont really jump at any of there limited anything like you said they are so frequent they dont seem limited anymore

    • This has definitely made me rethink buying without seeing stuff instore! x

  • I dont have any limited edition Mac but I do love some of their lipsticks and have about 5 myself x

  • I'm a sucker for a Mac lipstick, it feels like such a treat! I hadn't heard much about this collection so I'll need to go check it out for myself. I haven't bought anything from the more recent Limited Edition collections, but I did love the Tartan Tale and Baking Beauties collections from a while back x

    Charlotte / Colours & Carousels

    • There just always seem to be new limited edition collections and it makes my bank balance want to cry x

  • I have to be honest and say I rarely bother with limited editions unless I really love the colour, I just stick to what I know!

  • I like the color! I do prefer matte lipsticks from MAC, I am not very into the limited edition ones as I think they often goes so quick out of style. This shade reminds me of one of my favs called #KindOfSexy 🙂

    Wish you a lovely friday and weekend x

    • I agree I generally prefer the Matte shades in the Mac collections x

  • This color looks lovely, it reminds me of one of my favorite lipsticks from mac called Kind Of Sexy.

    Wish you a lovely friday and weekend x

  • I love that shade, I don't usually bother with the Mac special edition shades though because they're always a let down.

  • I don usually go for limited edition things unless they have something I really wanted. In terms of MAC, I have recently tried their foundation and totally love it.


    • I need to get the Mac foundation but there are so many shade choices I know i'd be there forever x

  • such a lovely shade thank for posting k x

  • Looks like a great lip shade. Will check this out.

    • The collection is beautiful, but Mac generally always is x

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