Lumix Superzoom Camera: My Travelling Camera Of Choice

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While I’ve been lusting over the Olympus Pen like most of the blogging community I have yet to be able to justify the price tag of it (hopefully soon!). For a fraction of the price I have been using my Lumix Superzoom DMC-TZ35 Camera for the past 18 months and have been incredibly happy with it.

While I love using my trusty Canon 6D SLR Camera it is quite bulky and heavy, especially because I insist on having my beautiful 24-70mm 2.8 lens permanently attached to it rather than a prime/ kit lens. I use this camera almost solely for live music photography and need to start using it more in my day to day blogging, especially when I’m at home (Lazy blogger alert.)

When I go out and about and head on holidays I find myself wanting something compact but that has a good reach and produces great photos which is why I have the Lumix camera. Settings wise you can use it like an SLR and control aperture, shutter speed and use it on manual mode which is nice if you want a little more control over your settings.

Lumix Superzoom Camera

My favourite thing about the camera is the great zoom. For a lot of camera’s once you go past a certain point the images get blurry and the quality isn’t the same. Fortunately for this camera the quality is just as good throughout the whole zoom process, probably because it’s a higher optical zoom as opposed to digital zoom.

The vast majority of the photographs taken on this blog have been through my Lumix camera (pre-2016) so you can see the quality of it in action. For a small digital camera worth around £100 I think it’s great. But for 2016 one of my missions is to improve my photography skills so I am going to be pushing the use of my SLR and who knows maybe investing in an Olympus Pen.

What camera do you use for your photography?
January 18, 2016
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  • To be honest, I'm really happy with my Lumix camera too. It had a irresistibly good price tag, whilst the photos it makes (once I got a second lens) are just perfect for blogging.
    The compact size is also something very important. When I'm out and about and want to snap some quick shots, a little camera body is such an advantage!

    • Totally agree, mine was only £100 and it really does the job when I'm out and about x

  • Until Christmas I had been using a Sony Cyber-shot for all of my blog photos (and other, regular photos) and it really is a great little camera. It's pretty versatile for a simple camera. For Christmas, though, I got a Nikon D3300, so I've been using that. I'm really pleased with both cameras 🙂


    • SLR's are the optimal choice when you can use them but they can be bulky and heavy for carrying around all the time x

  • I have a Samsung NX3000 and it's pretty much an slr in a compacts body! It's still bulky as it has the changeable lenses but I only have one for it right now so there's not problems really. I don't think I could have anything bigger or smaller but the LUMIX sounds fab! And like you I am listing after a Olympus pen too but they are so expensive!!!

    • I am seriously pricing up how much an Olympus Pen would be because I have lots of trips planned for this year and want to get decent photos to take, esp if I can then send them wirelessly to my phone for social x

  • I recently got the Canon SX610 for Christmas and love it so far! Going to test it out on my first concert of 2016 tomorrow. I hope my zoom is good haha

    • Good luck using your camera at the show, are you going to anything nice? x

  • I use my partners very big and expensive camera so im always too scared to take it out and about, i will definitely be looking into getting a camera like this for myself x

    • Yeah SLR's are great for round the house but so difficult to practically use when out and about x

  • I have a new Sony Camera which I am just learning to use and so far so good x

  • I have a Lumix that I love too when I don't want to use my Nikon DSLR. Personally I feel the PEN is over hyped. I played around with it and just didn't get on with it at all!

    • That's a shame that you didn't get on with the Pen, I guess it's not for everyone x

  • Aw this little gem is so cute 🙂 As long as it does the job it doesn't matter what camera you have.
    I have the Olympus and I use my Nikon for most blog photos x

    • Exactly, as long as you're happy with the photos it takes that is the main thing x

  • I'm rubbish with photography, I don't even know what make and model my camera is! I often forget my camera when I go places, so I have to use my phone. Your camera looks pretty good, I may have to invest in a better one for me soon… 🙂

    • I just like how small it is, esp when I go away on holiday x

  • I had this one too (until I dropped it on the lens…) and it is a great camera.

    • I have replaced mine once before because I dropped it at the beach and the sand destroyed it 🙁 x

  • This camera sounds great! I have the Olympus Pen and totally recommend it x

    • It's on my wish list and i've started to put aside some pennies so hopefully it won't take too long to save x

  • Mine's getting on a bit now; the Canon EOS 40D. I do love it though but wish I knew how to use it better. That said, I use my iPhone's camera way more than I should! It's just so easy sometimes..

    • I like using my phone camera but they always look much better on the phone than when you send them to your computer x

  • I hear so many people singing the praises of the Lumix. I love its size and how portable it is yet gives good quality. Its certainly a great price.

  • Thanks for sharing this as I;ve recently been looking for a new camera without the hefty price tag and this looks great! x

    • It's great when you can't afford to blow £300-500 on an Olympus Pen! x

  • Wow! That's super handy and a great price! I just bought the Sony Alpha 5100 which has a flip up screen, I'm so happy with it. But it gets a little bulky.

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