Bon Voyage, I’m Off To New York

Bon Voyage, I’m Off To New York

By the time you read this I’ll either be on my way to the airport, on my flight or stood in New York like a child hyped up on candy. I am incredibly lucky to be spending eight days in the city and if my plans go on track I am cramming so much into the time that I might come back more tired but who cares.

I am hoping to do photo diaries when I am away because I’ll need to dump the photos from my camera onto my laptop anyway but I’m making no promises so who knows. I will definitely be updating my Instagram as much as I can (probably with more food than sights haha) so if you don’t already follow me you can keep track of my travels on @rswstbry

I land back on Sunday 17th July in the morning so should be back and functioning by the Monday so expect loads of posts about all the makeup I’ve bought (sorry in advance Sephora), all the food I’ve eaten (sorry body) and everything I’ve got up to.

Have a great 9 days!

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