Five Things – Week 28

Five Things – Week 28

This week has been a really nice week which culminated in a trip to Edinburgh for three days to showcase one of my favourite cities to my parents. We had a more relaxed few days that it would have been had I of been on my own but it was so much fun. Especially when it began with an early Moz update *eek*

Five Things I Did This Week

  • On Monday I had a nice catch-up meal with my family and it was nice to see everyone as we all lead busy lives so it doesn’t happen very often.
  • On Wednesday I headed into Soho for a catch-up evening with two of my friends. It started off with happy hour drinks and included a Wahaca Mexican meal which was amazing and cocktails.
  • On Friday I headed to Edinburgh with my parents and finally managed to see the Crown Jewels at Edinburgh Castle which is one of my favourite spots in the city. Later the same day we did the ย Scotch Whisky Experience (for the benefit of my dad).
  • On Saturday I did two things which I had never done in Edinburgh before; The Zoo (which was amazing) and the Royal Britannia Yacht which was really interesting and had some of the best food I had in Edinburgh.
  • On Sunday before we came home I revisited both the Gin Distillery and Holyrood House to share the experiences with my parents.

5 6Great Things To Happen

  • I read the new Harry Potter book and although it was nothing like the older books as it’s not even written by J K Rowling it was nice to have a bit more to the story which was a huge part of my childhood.
  • I got a photo pass confirmed for Good Charlotte in Birmingham later this month. I am so excited to finally see the band and this is just the icing on the cake.
  • Due to being in Edinburgh we walked so much over the three days that I managed to hit 18,000+ steps across the three days.
  • As my parents had such a great weekend with my planning we’re looking at going to Liverpool next year for another long weekend.
  • I finally got round to listening to the new Biffy Clyro album and it has got me even more excited for Reading Festival.
  • The Moz update happened early for once and I managed to move up a few spots on my DA which I am so happy about after a slight drop last time.


Five Things Which Sucked

  • My room is a complete and utter tip once again. I seem to tidy it, it stays nice for a few days and then poof, messy again. It’s how I can imagine it feeling having a small child.
  • As I had so much on this week and didn’t want a late night before going to Edinburgh (it still happened) I missed scuba diving this week which sucks.
  • I had a pretty bad gym going week and only managed to haul myself there twice. I need to get back into the habit of going some mornings.
  • I haven’t managed to read any more Suicide Squad comics which is a pain as I am heading to see the movie on Wednesday (and I don’t care what the critics have to say either).
  • One of the cute little shops I wanted to visit in Edinburgh was shut which was a shame. I’ll just have to make any visit.

Five Things ย To Do Next Week

  • Have a tidy up of my bedroom as after a weekend away in Edinburgh and some late nights it needs some TLC
  • Have a good healthy week so I can try and get back on track with slimming world
  • Make sure I take a few minutes every single day to relax as I have a very busy week so I know it might be a long one
  • Get back on track with my image taking for my blog and make sure that I take some batches so they can be used at later dates
  • Do some reviews so I canย grab some additional freelance work
What have you been up to this week?


  1. LaaLaa
    August 9, 2016 / 7:18 am

    Lovely for you to get the catch up meal, it’s nice sometimes to explore areas in the country. Lol I’m such a neat freak my bedroom has to be tidy but yet I still manage to never find anything!

  2. August 9, 2016 / 8:51 am

    Your Edinburgh trip sounds lovely – I’ve never been to the castle but like the zoo and LOVE the Royal Yacht Britannia. It was so fantastic and really brought life as a Royal to life ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. August 9, 2016 / 1:52 pm

    The trip to Edinburgh sounded wonderful. Seeing the Crown Jewels would be quite amazing I think! Also, good job on doing the whiskey thing for your dad’s sake. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Angela Milnes
    August 9, 2016 / 6:40 pm

    well done with the DA increase. I am wanting to join a slimming club as my weight loss has plateaued for now. Slimming world may be a good option. Good luck to you.

  5. August 9, 2016 / 7:19 pm

    I didn’t realise there was a moz update, I need to check mine asap. Glad you enjoyed Edinburgh trip

  6. August 9, 2016 / 8:02 pm

    Don’t worry my room is permanently messy now because I am in a box room and there is no room for anything. But congrats on the Moz increase that is brilliant!

  7. August 9, 2016 / 8:29 pm

    Congrats on getting the photo pass, that’s exciting. Is it for Bring The Noise?

    • August 9, 2016 / 10:45 pm

      Nope it’s for hit the floor. I haven’t been with bring the noise for quite a few years now ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. August 9, 2016 / 9:12 pm

    Busy week for you! I consider my week accomplished if I manage to brush my hair one day…

    I love a trip to Edinburgh – I don’t know what it is about that town, but for some reason I walk more there than I do anywhere else! I think it’s all those hills…

  9. Melanie Edjourian
    August 9, 2016 / 11:44 pm

    I’m a bit shocked there how can the new JK Rowling book not be written by her? I still want to read it though ๐Ÿ˜‰

  10. August 10, 2016 / 5:43 am

    I’m reading the new HP book and love being back in all that magical adventure land.

  11. Bethany Naismith
    August 10, 2016 / 8:32 am

    Edinburgh is my favourite place in the world! I’m Scottish so I love when people from elsewhere enjoy Scotland too โ˜บ๏ธ The Scottish Whisky Experience is great too ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Hungry_Healthy_Happy
    August 10, 2016 / 9:55 am

    I was meant to go to Edinburgh for my birthday in June, but my cat was injured so we cancelled. I can’t wait to go at some point though.

  13. Tanya Brannan
    August 10, 2016 / 9:59 am

    Fantastic round up as always! Edinburgh sound great, and I would love to visit the Gin distillery! x

  14. Kira L Curtis
    August 10, 2016 / 2:39 pm

    I always love reading you five things posts, make me want to do stuff! It’s nice knowing you’ve done so much in a week! I’ve only ever been to Edinburgh once and didn’t get to see much because we were more there for the christmas markets but I’d love to go back!

  15. Jenni Grainger
    August 11, 2016 / 6:17 am

    Ooh I’ve heard such good things about Edinburgh Zoo, definitely on my to do list x

  16. Hannah Heartss โ„๏ธโ›„๏ธ
    August 11, 2016 / 10:10 am

    Can’t believe I still haven’t read the new Harry Potter book! X

  17. Whitney | Afro Mermaid
    August 11, 2016 / 10:24 am

    Jealous of you at Good Charlotte, they were my first band when I was a kid haha The Biffy album is top knotch also! xx

  18. Harriet @ Toby&Roo
    August 11, 2016 / 12:14 pm

    I am itching to read the new Harry Potter book, though I’m not sure how much I will like it as I’m not a fan of reading play scripts! I’ll give it a go!

  19. Laura
    August 11, 2016 / 2:04 pm

    Aw yay thats so great that you could get the photo pass for Good Charlotte. Enjoy! xxx

  20. August 11, 2016 / 2:24 pm

    Looks like you had a good week, going to the zoo is always fun well at least to me it is. The new Harry Potter book is on my list of to read books ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope it’s good!!

  21. Charlotte
    August 11, 2016 / 2:37 pm

    I love Edinburgh! You have reminded me to pick up a copy of the new Harry Potter book! x

  22. Rosana McPhee
    August 11, 2016 / 11:40 pm

    I wish I could have a catch up meal with my family, they live the other side of the world! R

  23. August 14, 2016 / 9:28 pm

    I’ve held off reading the new Harry Potter because I have so many books I need to read, but maybe I should just bite the bullet and buy it because I’m so excited about it.

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