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Lush Halloween

I always love it when Lush launch their Halloween range, actually I bloody love every Lush launch, there’s always bright new colours and pretty smells, it gets me so excited. Halloween is always a time for Autumnal scents and pumpkins which is what made me super excited about the Lush Halloween launch.

The launch happened on Friday 23rd September and I was literally counting down the minutes until lunch time so I could rush into town and get my hands on some goodies. I knew in advance there were four products I wasn’t going to get: the Lord of Misrule shower gel as I had it last year and wasn’t keen on the scent, the Magic Wand Soap or the Fireside Soap as although the colours are beautiful I just don’t use soaps so it’s pointless, and the Goth Fairy Shimmer Bar. Now I love the name of this and the look of it but I just don’t use bars so it wouldn’t get any use.

The bath bombs are always where I go crazy and I think I picked up all the ones on offer. I wanted the Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar but it wasn’t in the Watford store – I’m hoping it’s not an Lush Oxford Street exclusive as I loved it last year.

  • Lord of Misrule which is a rehash of last years but I loved the deep burgundy purple within the green exterior and I know it made my baths look epic.
  • Pumpkin is to me the typical Autumnal smell full of vanilla, cinnamon and pimento and I am so excited to start burning my Autumn candles while soaking in a pumpkin enthused bath. Plus the jack-o-lantern look is so cute.
  • Autumn Leaf is so pretty to look at with it’s swirling red, green and yellow colours which I know will make my bath look so pretty. It has bergamot, neroli and sandalwood essential oils within so I know it’s going to be really relaxing and soothing so I might use this one after a particularly long day.
  • Monsters Ball is firstly super cute but being pink and indigo shades I know will make my bath water look so pretty, who doesn’t want to bath like a princess?! This also has a citrus scent to it with lime and neroli so definitely more of a fun one.

I am planning on using these all over the next few weeks just so I can work out if there are any I want to re-purchase before they disappear at Halloween so lots of pretty relaxing baths for me. I really wish I had bought the Boo Luxury Bath Melt as firstly it’s so cute shaped like a ghost but I’ve actually never used a bath melt from Lush before so I think it’s time. It’s full of cocoa butter which will nourish my skin plus it’s meant to have a warming ginger scent so will be perfect when my winter colds start kicking in.

When your skin is feeling majorly parched, pop this adorable apparition into your tub. He’s loaded with nourishing cocoa butter to restore moisture and softness back into your hide. Bonus: the warming ginger scent will help decongest stuffed sinuses.

Do you use Lush products? Do you go crazy over new launches like me?
September 26, 2016
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  • I am yet to try any Lush product. I would love to one day though.

  • fashion-mommy

    I love it when Lush puts out seasonal specials, waiting for the Christmas ones with excitement.

  • My goodness I am such a huge Lush fan but unfortunately cannot drive at the minute due to surgery. I need a personal shopper :) x

  • I can’t use Lush products, but they always look SO pretty. I love the pumpkin & the leaf one!

  • Beautyqueenuk

    I absolutely love the Lush seasons when the new collections come out and these ones are just fantastic.

  • I love Lush products and their Halloween range seems great! :)

  • Laura

    Ooh I’ll have to pop into Lush to give these a smell for myself. I love Lush bath ballistics and bubble bars the most xxx

  • Yipee I love Lush and I always love their collection of Halloween inspired products. I can’t wait for the glitter pumpkin bar to come back xx

  • Oooh, how exciting. Trying their seasonal stuff will be fun! I’d have to pick out some bath bombs for sure.

  • Wow these are to cute and they make great gifts for the holiday! Lush is amazing!

    xoxo, Candice

  • Amy

    Oh these look so amazing, I am a sucker for things like this and adore Lush!

  • Angela Milnes

    these would make fabulous gifts. I cant wait till be move and get a bath so we can use bath bombs.

  • Melanie Edjourian

    These look great as Halloween gifts, I have a few friends that would love them.

  • Annie Brooks

    I am becoming more and more hooked on halloween. However Lush…. I still need to take the plunge and go and buy something from there!

  • beautykinguk

    I have seen these in our bathroom and they do look pretty funky I have to admit!

  • I never knew they did themed products! I love this- I feel a shopping spree coming on!

  • Ive not had a chance to get in and try any of the halloween range but this christmas range lands this week! So excited for that!

  • I love that pumpkin one! I bet it’ll look kinda scary when it dissolves in the water too xD

  • Beth Sachs

    My kids would LOVE these. Shame I live so far away from a LUSH store

  • Lyndsey O’Halloran

    I like the look of them all, especially the Monsters Ball

  • Jayne

    I LOVE Lush!
    The pumpkin one sounds awesome, love the smell of vanilla x

  • Aurelie

    I cant wait for a good scented bath after the pregnancy! I’ve tried a lush bath bomb but the smell was too strong….my husband had a bath instead of me lol!
    I love the pumpkin one!

  • So many colourful goodies. I’m sure they smell super nice too

  • I love Lush, the smell as you walk past the shop is always amazing! I wish we had one nearer us though as there isn’t on in our local town. I love the sound of these

  • Jessica

    I love the autumn leaf. Attractive enough to use it. The freshness it can give sums it up. :)

  • Tracy Morgan

    Oh I love how they have a Halloween range! Love Lush products!

  • Hannah Latoya Bond

    I do like the Lush Halloween range and think they offer some fab products x

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