Christmas Gift Guide For Cat Lovers

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cat gift guide

Heat Changing Cat Mug– £9.95

I bought one of these mugs for myself a few weeks back and it’s the cutest thing ever as when you put a hot drink inside it it’s checks glow red. At this time of year it’s perfect to pop a warm hot chocolate inside.

Cat Cushion£3.50

Again another item I have previously bought for myself and it comes from Ikea. For just £3.50 you can’t beat it and the cats on it are so cute.

Cat Colouring Book £4.99

Colouring books are still super popular and what’s better than colouring in cute little cats?!

Cat Candle£25.92

Despite it’s slightly heafty pricetag for a candle this is such a cool thing as when it burns down there is a cat skeleton inside which I think is really cool although some might find it a bit creepy.

Cat Naps Desk Calendar – £9.99

What could be better than a new cat image EVERY SINGLE DAY?! With this desk calendar you get a seperate calendar per day.

Mythical Cat Pin- £6

I recently made an order on Punkypins and bought this cat pin which is adorable and appeals to my love for the occult.

Cat Mini Makeup Bag£2.99

If you’re looking for a stocking filler or a small secret santa present then this cute little cake makeup bag is perfect.

Cat Measuring Cups£19.99

If you’re looking for a practical present for a cat lover then these measuring cups are perfect.

Cat Face Shoes – £15.19

I have been searching for cute cat shoes like this for ages and when I found these I was so happy as they’re adorable. You can’t beat a pair of dolly shoes and these are perfect.

Cat Hanging Plant Pot £19

I love having plants around my house and if I had one in a hanging cat plant pot I’d be even more happy. This is perfect for the person who has everything.

Home Is Where The Cats Are Print£4.50

Who doesn’t love artwork? If you’re looking for a present for someone who has cats, or want a cute addition to your gallery wall then grab this cute print from Etsy.

Sony Xperia Phone Case£5.95

This was somehing I treated myself to last month when I wanted a new phone case, there are loads of versions on Ebay so there’s bound to be versions for other brands but this is specifically for Sony Xperia phones.

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November 14, 2016
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  • LaaLaa

    Oh that mug is a beauty, I think I know exactly who to get that for this year – thank you. xo

  • Beautyqueenuk

    I love this gift guide! That mug is very cute

  • Joanna

    Fab guide such cute ideas love the shoes great price too.

  • Leah Shafik

    the candle is incredible, a cat skeleton – hilarious! I’m allergic to cats so it’s difficult to be a cat lover (I wish I wasn’t as I do like them) x

  • Thanks for featuring my ‘Home is where my cats are’ print.
    I’m loving all these other bits, off to do some shopping I think! ♥♥♥

  • i need that candle. ive got a deer skeleton one and i love the concept

  • La French Connection

    I find the ballerinas really cool, although I’m not a cat person. They look awesome.

  • Even as a non-cat lover, I LOVE those wee pumps!

  • I love this! What some awesome ideas, I totally want another pyropet they are so cool.

  • Jenni Grainger

    I’m not a fan of cats but love that mug!x

  • Amy

    This is literally the best post I could have come across right now!! My sister absolutely loves cats and it’s her birthday at the start of December and then of course Christmas. Great picks – I’m definitely going to be picking up some of these!!

  • Those shoes are beautiful – I love the cat details x

  • Tanya Brannan

    Having six cats we are definitely cat lovers! I really love the idea of the candle with the cat skeleton inside; totally different and unusual x

  • Those little cat face shoes are so adorable! We have two cats. A home without cats isn’t a home, imho! 🙂

  • Sarahjane

    Omgh I want EVERYTHING on this list!! The mug looks adorable! My sister every year will buy me a mug for my Christmas I hope it’s this one this year!

  • The cat face shoes are adorable! What a lovely selection of items! Perfect for a cat lover like me!

  • fashion-mommy

    My sister is such a cat person and these are super cute choices.

  • Laura

    Those cat shoes are such a great deal compared to the charlotte olympia ones!

  • I’m a cat lover and would be happy to see any kitty gifts in my Xmas stocking

  • I love the cat face shoes and the mug!! So cute!

  • I have 3 cats so this is perfect for me! I really like the cat shoes

  • Joanna McCaffrey

    I love the idea of the candle leaving behind a little skeleton 🙂

  • I love the flats. They are so cute.

  • bericebaby

    My sister has a cat! This will come in VERY handy!
    Thank you sugar.
    Charlotte x

  • Ayesha Farhad

    I gifted the cat faced shoes to my friend and every time I meet her, she keeps on telling me how these are the perfect birthday gift she has ever received!

  • A heat changing cat mug? I am definitely sold! I love all of these, I’m such a cat lover xx

  • Melanie Edjourian

    What a great guide for cat lovers I love the mug it’s so cute!

  • I’ve had my eye on that candle for ages, but can’t justify the price. I think I’d never burn it!

  • Those cat shoes are lovely. I think I need those in my life.

  • I appologise my comment didn’t get through for some reason!

    Omg those cat gifts are amazing and perfect for any catlovers. That cat mug is so cute and the slippers are super adorable. Can I just have it all?? haha x

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