Easy Ways To Put Your Own Stamp On Your Kitchen

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One of the things I love most about having my own flat is actually the kitchen despite the fact that I don’t spend anywhere near as much time in here as I’d like to. When you’re living at home or sharing with other people usually your bedroom is where you want to spend the most amount of money doing up/ buying accessories for as it’s the only space which is truly yours. That’s one of the things I love most about living by myself, I can pretty much (money permitting) do anything I want with the space’s I have and I don’t have to discuss it with anyone other than my dad who’s likely to be doing the work. I am quite fortunate that I have an open plan living and kitchen area which means even if I am not cooking I can always see how my kitchen looks. Here are some of the ways to put your own stamp on your kitchen.

Add or change lighting

For me a kitchen should always be pretty light, especially when you’re cooking so a quick way to change up your kitxhen is to change the lighting you have. Fortunately, my kitchen has pretty great lighting with spotlights in the ceiling along with spot lights under all the cabinets but you can change up wall lights easily, and cheaply and you’ll be surprised how much of a difference it can make to your space, especially if you’re a fan of taking photos of your food before eating it, I’m usually too hungry for that.

Change your worktops

I am pretty sure that the worktops used within my flat are the cheapest of the cheap so I’d love to change my worktops in the future. While a marble look is the bloggers dream I don’t think it would be overly practical so I’d love solid walnut worktops as I think they’d add a good colour contrast between the light walls and exterior of my flat and darker worktops. Worktops can be a big investment but they’re something you’re only likely to change once and will last the duration of the time you’re in your property.


Make the most of your cupboard space

It doesn’t matter how many cupboards I have it will never be enough so utilizing the space you have is essential. You can opt for cutlery dividers so you’re never hunting around for that sole knife in a drawer of forks, you can add over shelf hanging drawers to store things like tea towels and oven gloves or buy some metal storage tins to separate out food packets and keep them looking neat and tidy.

Add a tiled background

One of the first things I did in my kitchen was to get some tiles added behind my workspace as I wanted a pop of colour in an otherwise white room, I’m talking walls and the doors on all my cupboards and appliances. Not only can tiles add a splash of colour but they also act as a nice protector when you’re cooking and cleaning. I have a larger row of them behind my sink where there are no cupboards above and it works as a splash back. This is definitely one of the best investments I have made in my whole flat since moving in.

Cover and use the space above your hob

During the first year being in my flat my brand new hob got a little damaged due to it not being cleaned between uses’ when my flatmate was there and sadly it’s been very hard to do anything about. I have hob covers on my electric rings which make them look a bit smarter and I also have a

December 2, 2016
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  • LaaLaa

    We have a kitchenette so you can’t even swing a cat in it but it’s all about storage and I agree that changing up work surfaces can be a small but big change. x

  • Yes, being able to do anything you want know that you have your own kitchen has to be a small bit of heaven for you. I think sharing a kitchen is always the hardest part of living with others.

  • I always have kitchen envy, whenever I am in someone elses I see something I want but I do love my kitchen x

  • This post has perfect timing! I should be moving into my first owned property next month and me and my boyfriend are really excited to completely redo the kitchen and the bathroom!

  • Elodie

    I don’t have my own place yet – oh, the joys of sharing a flat in London -, but I’d love to use those tips someday! I can already see the marble-looking granite and the chevron tiles. It’d be so, so cute!

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