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I don’t know about most of you but December was a complete write off in terms of healthy eating and sensible choices. With Christmas meals, catch up drinks and enough chocolate to keep most of my town happy I am the first to admit that I did not make the right choices last month. January is the time for getting back into good habits with your health and wellbeing because happy insides make for happy outsides. Here are some of the best products out there to help maintain your healthy lifestyle.


Yes, the first thing to feature is a sugar. SugaVida is the UK’s ‘super-sugar’ which can be used as part of a low-sugar, or sugar-free lifestyle in hot drinks, baking, and cooking. SugaVida isn’t sugar as you know it, it’s a crystallized, unrefined nectar alternative which is low in GI so perfect for those with diabetes or those regulating their blood sugar levels. Just one teaspoon has 36% of the recommended daily allowance (RDA) of vitamin B12 and it’s actually the only plant-based source of the vitamin, 210% of the RDA of vitamin B6, and a massive 500% of the RDA of vitamin B1. If that wasn’t enough it’s organic and ethically sourced to make you feel even better about where it’s come from. You can grab SugaVida from most major retailers at £6.49 for 250g.

Karma Cola Cans

Karma Cola*

Onto another ethically sourced brand: Karma Cola. I’ve talked about the brand before, but I couldn’t talk about being health conscious without taking about my fizzy drink obsession. Although I’m a lot better than I ever used to be I can still go through a 2-litre bottle in a single sitting #notevensorry. Karma Cola are a great alternative to your traditional fizzy drinks as they’re both organic and fairtrade, with profits from the brand pumped back into the people of Boma to help re-establish their lives in the wake of the ebola crisis and civil war. When I tried the brand before they were in these beautiful retro bottles but now they’re back with cans which are far more practical to pop in my bag and take to lunch with me. The lemony lemonade is still my favourite and a taste which is tangy with the right amount of lemon to not feel sour. There’s tang in the gingerella and the cola is made from real cola nuts but tastes just like normal cola. If you’re going to treat yourself to the occasional fizzy drink make sure it’s a worthwhile one.

Planet Hemp

Planet Hemp*

Hemp seeds contain more protein than chicken and they’re so high in Omega’s 3 and 6, iron, magnesium and manganese and due to it’s versatility it’s popping up everywhere. Nike have just made a shoe from it! Hemp is starting to find itself in more foods such as protein powders, milk, ice cream and even yoghurt because it’s easy to digest due to its lack of enzymes, it’s a great source of essential fatty acids which our bodies need and it contains all the essential amino acids which we need. While protein powders are good I decided to try out some other items from Hemp including the oil which is great for using with my cooking as it contains no additives; and their snacks. For the snacks, I got the Super Mini Bouchees which are great for on the go when I need a healthy alternative snack.


We’ve all heard of probiotic drinks which help activate the good bacteria in our tummies, well Bio-tiful are fruit flavours of the brands award- winning current range and is championed by both supermodels and top nutritionists. They’re a creamy yoghurt-like daity drink which are packed full of probitics, in fact about three times as many as conventional yoghurts. Lactobacillus Kefiri (I have no idea how you pronounce that) are only found in this drink and they keep your bowels regular and help to prevent bloating and IBS- related symptoms. The yoghurts themselves are tangy and have a fruity taste and have no preservatives or sugar included within them. The range includes the Original Organic Kefir milk drink, the Orangic Riazhenka which is slightly sweeter than the original and a Kefir smoothie range which is fruity, light and makes for a great breakfast or healthy snack.

How are you planning to try and get healthier?
January 19, 2017
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  • Hannah Latoya Bond

    These sound great. I’m trying to get my fitness routine back on track as i’ve been really lazy after christmas

  • I actually worked with Bio-utiful their drinks are so nice and so good for your gut as well!

  • I’ve been slowly trying to get into a healthier lifestyle this year and I have to say I’m feeling good about it x

  • From Evija with Love

    I try to be healthier but somehow it makes me so miserable and I end up back in my ways.. I think it is all about moderation! Thank you for sharing your post, very interesting read.

  • Donna

    I will try take some of this on board. I’m not great with healthy eating but I like to keep trying!

  • I think I need to get some SugaVida now that I know that it has so many B vitamins in it. I’ve been trying to supplement B12 but a plant based source of it is much better. Hemp seeds are also something I have been trying to incorporate into my diet and the super mini bouchees look like a great snack.

  • Carmen Hensley

    I don’t think the US has any of those 🙂

  • These are really great alternatives and perfect to incorporate in our diets.

  • Jodie Whitham

    Some great things to make a difference. I’ve noticed a difference from reducing portion sizes, and not emptying plate if full. Finding that is making the difference! Also aiming to do at least 30 min walk each day is making a difference x

  • Annie Brooks

    I switch sugar for fruit syrup from Sweet Freedom, it goes in my overnight oats for a little sweet without dumping loads of sugar in. Some great alternatives here.

  • Marie Barber

    We switched our sugar last year to coconut sugar being more healthy has been a journey for us, so this year will be about more exercise! 🙂

  • These are all amazing suggestions, I’m a big fan of innocent smoothies / juices in the UK (SOOOOO GOOD). I try my best to eat vegan and plant based 🙂 xo

  • I’ve never tried any of these before but love the lookbof those funky retro cans!

  • Love the look of those drinks, but I have completely cut fizzy drinks out of my lifestyle. 22 days going strong so far!


  • I am a nightmare for sugar and drink at least 8 cups of tea a day and each one with 2 sugars so yes I am pretty bad and need to change for sure

  • Oooh this is great as I’m trying to eat healthier at the moment! xo

  • Lovely! I think lots of people are trying to be healthier in January, but it’s definitely about making lifestyle changes as opposed to faddy dieting.

  • Jo Wiggins

    Karma Cola sounds great, I’ve never heard of it before. I must admit I think I’ve eaten worse in January than I did in December, oops x

  • Not heard or tried any of these products before but I am trying matcha drinks from teapigs which is meant to be good for detox

  • I love the sound of Karma Cola, keep meaning to try it but I don’t think I’ve ever seen it for sale anywhere! Totally agree that eating properly in January takes a lot of effort haha!

  • I must admit my January healthy eating kick has been rather slow to get going this year! It’s just too cold and my head is too full of other things! I need to get some focus though as I know I’ll feel better for it x

  • Jazmin Williams

    That karma cola sounds fab! I think I need to try that! January wasn’t perfect, because I was just really ill for over a week with a nasty head cold. I didn’t massively binge, though. I had mostly soup because that’s all I fancied. I’ve got a Nutribullet now, though, which I’ll be using a lot.

  • fashion-mommy

    I’m eating more fruit and veggies, but wouldn’t mind trying the Karma cola as I have a fizzy drink obsession too.

  • I have a very high probability that my gestational diabetes has turned into type 2 so sugar visa could be something that might benefit me. I’ve tried so hemp based products in the past and wasn’t convinced they were for me x

  • Teresa Bowen

    Having been ill most of the month I haven’t done much about healthy eating for January, but then again I haven’t indulged much in unhealthy stuff as I just haven’t fancied anything. Maybe February will be brighter all around.

  • Now these are some really interesting products. The palmyra tree blossom sugar is something I’ve never heard of.
    Thanks for sharing this 🙂

  • Harriet @ Toby&Roo

    I’m reading this sat eating cake… I really need to invest in these kinds of products!

  • Naomi JC

    How much is this stuff? Prices would be good, I’m too lazy to research haha! This made me want pop!

  • Naomi JC

    I love hemp seeds in salads and smoothies and in porridge

  • Hayley

    I’ve been trying to be healthier since Christmas too! I’ve stopped drinking cans of coke, I was having one a day but now I’m having one a week! I’ve stopped having chocolate and sweets too!

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