Why Having A January Birthday Can Suck

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Being a January baby has never been an overly fun thing. The world is gray and cold around your birthday, if you go out it’s not in cute clothes and heel its layers and boots, and everyone is so poor you struggle to go out. The latter issue is something which has plagued me ever since I turned 18 and people had jobs and lives.

Being born in mid-January means for most people they are absolutely skint having been paid just before Christmas and going through the festive period throwing around the cash and getting to the new year realizing they have to go pretty much a whole month until any funds hit their back accounts again. When previously organizing birthday trips this is an excuse I’d always hear, “sorry I can’t come I don’t have the money” which is why I have started not arranging exciting days out or making plans which cost and just settling on doing something more low key. Now I’m not moaning about this because as long as I see those who mean the most to me that’s all that matters, but it’s just a shame.

One year I am determined to go away for my birthday somewhere hot, not that there’s a lot of choice, maybe that’s when I finally make it to Australia and I can actually have some warmth for my birthday. If you know anywhere closer to home which is warm mid-January please let me know!

Because my birthday isn’t far from Christmas (although I know plenty of people with birthday’s closer) I’ve never felt my birthday was as big a deal as you’ve spent the last month solidly celebrating something else, your Christmas tree probably only went down a few weeks ago and you’re probably still eating the leftover sweets by 14th January. It’s something I’ve grown up with but I am determined to make sure that each and every birthday from now onwards counts.

Do you like when your birthday is?
January 9, 2017
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  • Hannah Latoya Bond

    My friend has a birthday in middle of january and i don’t think she really likes it

  • My birthday is five days before Christmas so I feel your pain. My birthday plans are always ruined by people who have ‘Christmas’ things planned. I’d love to go away for my birthday though x

  • Jessica Dearnley

    I can imagine having a birthday in January is difficult. My birthday is Easter and all my friends are usually away and I get bought a lot of Easter eggs when I’m trying to diet!

  • Beautyqueenuk

    Mine is in July but growing up, mine was the only birthday in the Summer Holidays so all my friends were usually on family holidays x

  • Jo Wiggins

    My Mum’s birthday is January 17th and she never liked it growing up. It’s her 60th this year and we’re taking her to Dubai to escape the cold weather here. I hope you still enjoy your birthday whatever you get up to x

  • It seems that most people with birthdays in December and January don’t like having their birthdays in those months. If it’s in December, it gets overshadowed by the festive season and in January everyone is skint and worn out from the holidays. I like your plan of going somewhere warm for your birthday soon, that sounds wonderful x

  • a few of my friends dislikes having their birthday in january. they end up waiting till pay day only to celebrate then.

  • Deborah Nicholas

    My sons is the 20th dec and we do try to make a fuss but know it sometimes gets overshadowed by christmas!

  • I have a few friends who’s birthdays are right at the end of December and mid January, they always feel like New Year overshadows it and like you said no one has any money to do anything. Most of them wait until payday in January to actually go all out and celebrate xx

  • Mine is the middle of August and there is NEVER anyone around! I’ve got used to everyone being on holiday and oddly enough it always seems to be raining! Hope you get to go to Australia for your birthday one day!

  • Erica Gilliam

    My birthday is 5 days before Christmas. While I feel that it is always a struggle to go out or anything, growing up my family made a point to keep it separate. No Christmas wrapping paper, separate gifts and all. It typically worked. As an adult, I don’t really do much for holidays anyways. Hopefully soon you will get to do something big for your birthday!

  • My birthday is in May so its not too bad I quite like the spring time! My fiance and I have our birthdays in the same month so instead of buying pressies for each other we just go on holiday together for a little break.

  • Kiyshia Goche

    My best friends birthday is January 15th. She also finds the same problem . People are either broke, or its too cold to go out. I’m a September baby and love it!

  • My brother in law turns 18 next Tuesday and everyone is skint so he won’t be doing much which kinda sucks. I hope you have a lovely birthday whatever you do xx

  • Sarahjane

    I have a few friends whose birthdays fall in January and I hate when I can’t attend because of financial reasons! My birthday is in August which is usually quite good but living in Scotland that doesn’t guarantee good weather ha

  • Mine is at the end of September. I have never liked the concept of my birthday, just like Christmas its just another day.

  • I have never really thought about having a January birthday, as mine is in the middle of the year, but after reading your blog I can totally see why its a bit sucky. Especially with the grey drab weather, and I guess people don’t have a lot of money after Christmas which makes going out etc tricky too.
    You could always have a 2nd birthday like the Queen does? x

  • Melanie Edjourian

    Mine is in March which is not the best weather wise either as it tends to rain. If I was you’d I’d arrange to go out just after everyone’s next pay day, bring on the birthday celebrations!!!!!!!!!! Happy Birthday xxxxx

  • Oh no, perhaps you should celebrate your birthday around Christmas, or just whenever you wish! 🙂

  • I know so many people with birthdays in January. It’s clearly a popular month haha! Fingers crossed you’ll find something amazing to do this year x

  • lianne

    I’m the same, mine is early Feb and it’s always bloody cold! Some of my earliest memories involve birthday parties where nobody would turn up because of the snow!

  • This sounds boring! My birthday is in the easter (27th march) and my friends are always away or working. So I always celebrate my birthday a week before or after. It has never been a good date! Haha

  • Annie Brooks

    I’d plan something massive each year. I have a September birthday which people tend to be heading back to work (most of my friends are teachers), or work is busy around that time. I always do a big fancy dress party that now people automatically ask when it’s happening and what the theme is!

  • My eldest son’s birthday is in January and I’ve always felt bad for him. He’s got exams the day after his birthday this year :-/ I think you’re right to make every birthday count now, even if it takes a bit of prior planning!

  • This is such an interesting thing! My birthday is at the end of November so I can sympathise.

  • My bday is on New years eve and this sucks! I usually have sort of small party, but its never like all friends etc. I think it happens once every 10 years for me! I like the idea of going away!

  • Clarissa

    Ah bless you my cousins birthday is Christmas Day, see saving through the year is good so you have xmas fund and what’s left over goes to next year or buy gift vouchers each month? Along with xmas cards each month, or January sales. One year January sales I finished the xmas ahead so felt good not to worry.
    I’m a March baby but I do sympathise with you x

  • Mine is mid April which is alright. I see why having a January birthday would totally suck though! I know someone whose birthday is actually Christmas Day though.. :/

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