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Sales Shopping

I am a complete sucker for sales, and the post- Christmas ones always make me super excited as it’s an excuse for me to spend hours browsing stores online and choosing my items. Normally New Look is my go to sale but I’m going to be honest I was kind of disappointed with it this year and didn’t buy anywhere near as much as I usually do and a lot of what I did buy is going to be taken back. Despite this though I did manage to nab a few good bargains/ treat myself to some bits and pieces.

The first thing I bought about 5 days or so before Christmas was a brand new pair of Vans direct from Vans. I wear the all black ones pretty much all the time and therefore when I inevitably wear them to gigs/ festivals etc they get a bit destroyed so I grabbed this pair which have nice corded edges to keep as my nice pair and then my current pair can be bashed around a bit.

Sales H&M Vans

Next up was H&M where again the sale went live before Christmas I picked up two homeware items including a beautiful tea towel which I actually already own but it’s so pretty I had to grab another and a black storage box with gold detailing. I have no idea where I am going to use the box but it’s so pretty. I also grabbed a pair of marble affect sunglasses as I bought some off Ebay last year for my holidays but they never arrived.

Sales Lush

Next up was obviously Lush. I spent a large proportion of boxing day in various queues on their website as items disappeared, reappeared and wouldn’t add to my basket, it was a disaster. I actually made a trip in store where I bought a couple of box sets and some bath bombs (all half price yay), but of course, Snow Fairy was sold out. Fortunately, by about 7pm I managed to get online and there was snow fairy so I put in so many bottles to my basket I might have enough to last until October when it comes back out. I bought 2 x 500g bottles, 1 x 250g bottle and 2 small 100g bottles which are great for traveling.

Sales Roxy

I had wanted to get an extra large Roxy suitcase for ages as I knew it would be really practical for my trip to Hawaii in April but at £130 they were quite pricy so I was so happy when I saw them on sale. I quite liked most of the prints but my decision was made when this blue one was down to £65 so I snapped it up with some Christmas money I had been given.

I had totally forgotten about Yankee Candle until about a week into January when I got an email from them so I jumped straight onto the site. I had originally given myself a candle buying ban because I have so many but at half price I couldn’t resist. I bought three small Christmas ones in scents Macaron Treats, Candy Cane Lane and Star Anise & Orange, a medium pillar candle in Christmas Cookie and some tealights in Snowflake Cookie.

Yankee Candles

I bought quite a few items in the sales to keep as birthday/ Christmas presents for this year (yes I am one of those people) but I don’t want to put the items on here incase the people in question read this, but the Debenhams and Selfridges sales were pretty good this year. The final item I bought was a brand new Fitbit which was the Charge 2. A few places like Currys’ and Argos had them on sale but I got mine through Very as it had 20% off and I had a 10% voucher because it was coming up to my birthday so I got it for under £100 which I was happy with.

Did you buy anything good in the sales?
January 16, 2017
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  • Hannah Latoya Bond

    Looks like some good items here. I tried the Lush boxing day sale too and could’;t get to it. Got put in a very long queue so i just gave up. I went to the shops on the 27th and got some items from the Lush store x

    • Yeah the online sale was a pain in the arse, I popped into the store on Boxing Day for most of my bits and pretty much just bought Snow Fairy online x

  • Hayley

    I’ve bought so much in the sales, mostly clothes! I wish I’d stocked up on Yankee candles but my local store doesn’t have many left now so I’ve missed out!

    • I bought all of mine online as the stores didn’t have too many left, I only got them about a week ago! x

  • Elanor

    I was gutted that Lush had sold out of Snow Fairy by the time I got there, but I was luckily able to pick up the last bottle of Fairy Dust – woop! 🙂

  • That suitcase is gorgeous, and such a bargain! I don’t have any plans to travel anytime soon but I need one!

  • Helen Clark

    Oh I love everything you bought, especially the sunglasses and suitcase! I was the same in Lush and now have enough Snow Fairy to last until it’s out again.

  • i actually didn’t because i am on a shopping ban! your purchases are great!

  • I went to Lush too but nearly everything was sold out which made me sad lol. I did get Northern lights though which was very pretty x

  • Louise Smith

    The only thing I bought in the sales this year was an oil burner from Etsy – and it hasn’t even arrived yet! Love your haul though Rhian, you got so much good stuff 🙂

    Louise x

  • Lauren Cosgrove

    That Roxy suitcase is seriously SO COOL. Do you know what it’s called? I’d love to check it out!

    • I think it’s just called the Roxy Large Suitcase, it’s the only style of one on their website I believe x

  • You’ve got some great bargains – I love the Yankee candles! I also do what you so and save pressies for upcoming birthdays/Xmas etc….why not?!

  • I love shopping great deals! The candles are a staple in our home. They can get expensive so getting good deals on them are always great!

  • You got some bargains! I love Yankee Candle xo

  • Ickle Pickle

    I managed to avoid the sales as I had no money!! My teens love Vans, they live in them. Kaz x

  • Omg you managed to bag so many good bargains! I got some really good items too I love the sales ❤️

  • Donna

    Oh good haul! I did quite well this year too, feels good to win at the sales! Ha

  • FussFreeJen

    I stayed away from the sales this year, could have easily spent lots. I see you have Snow Fairy, which is fabulous stuff. I also adore the case, very nice.

  • Beautyqueenuk

    I got Snow Fairy too but other than that nothing else grabbed me x

  • Jenni Grainger

    Fab buys, I adore the roxy suitcase!x

  • I actually didn’t get much this year, I was really disappointed with the sales as it’s the first year I’ve ever really had a bit of cash to spend and I couldn’t find much! I treated myself to an Olympus Pen anyway haha. Love that Roxy bag!! <3

  • I was very well behaved and kept well away from the sales as I always end up buying a load of stuff I do not really need although every girl needs a big stash of Yankee candles

  • Sabeeka Lambe

    you really managed to get some wonderful bargains.. loved the suitcase!!

  • Lovely Lil Bargains. This Year I desisted form going out for any sales, After the Black Friday, Christmas and all the gifts I got, I felt Blessed 🙂

  • Loving the suitcase and the candles. And the lush product! Basically love everything you bought, you got some great deals!

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