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New Buys Magazine Rack

Regular readers might have noticed the increase in the number of posts talking about DIY/ homeware items and essentially me talking about how I am in the middle of trying to create my perfect living space. Since creating shelves within my flat I have gone more down a theme within my flat with rose gold being accented throughout my living room and therefore my kitchen, and gold being accented throughout my bedroom. I’ve been slowly buying new items/ replacing things within my flat and I thought I’d show you all some of the awesome little purchases I’ve made recently.

New Buys Clock

Rose Gold Hinged Magazine Rack and Marble Rose Gold Clock from Red candy

I knew I wanted a new clock as I’ve had one of those cheap coloured ones from Argos ever since I moved in four and a half years’ ago and while it matches with the red theme going on in my kitchen area I wanted something new. After browsing for what felt like forever looking for a new clock with rose gold detailing I stumbled across Red candy and fell in love with so many of their clocks. Of course, the blogger in me was drawn to this marble and rose gold effect clock and I can not wait to change over my current clock. While I was there I looked through the rest of the site and came across this hinged magazine rack. I had been looking for a magazine rack for a while as I have four magazine subscriptions and sometimes when I get the magazines they just get dotted somewhere in my flat and forgotten about so I wanted somewhere for them to live (alongside a few travel brochures I have). As it’s hinged it can open and close to the size of what’s inside and the rose gold colour beautifully matches my colour scheme.  Magazine Rack / Clock

HM Rug

Living Room Rug From H&M Home

After a glass-related incident before Christmas, I have been without a rug on my living room floor and I really miss having something to break up the laminate flooring in the more comfortable living area of my open plan kitchen/ dining/ living room. I have seen quite a lot of rugs from H&M home but it took me a while to work out which size was right and find the perfect patterning. This was something I didn’t want to order online as I wanted to see the patterning in person and feel the material as some of the one’s I had seen were a little harsh/ scratchy feeling underfoot which isn’t what you want from a rug. After a few months’ looking I settled on this monochrome design in the smallest size which is 70 x 140cm and it fits perfectly in the area between my sofa’s. Rug

New Buys Table

Rose Gold Sidetable And Kitchen Roll Holder From Maison Du Monde

When I first moved in I bought a cheap wooden side table from Argos which sat by the side of my other sofa and in all honesty it was always a bit too short and just didn’t look 100% right in the living room. I’d been looking for a rose gold one for ages and stumbled across this one from Maison Du Monde who are a French company and when I realised it was only about £30 I knew this was the perfect one for me. When it arrived it looked like a giant wastepaper bin as the top just slots on but I love the way it looks as it’s not too bulky but looks really nice in my living room especially as it sits quite close to my shelves which are completely rose gold themed. I also ordered a rose gold kitchen roll holder while I was there again to replace an old cheap chrome version and it looks really nice in my kitchen. Table /  Kitchen Roll Holder

Have you made any homeware purchases recently?
March 13, 2017
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  • Jazmin Williams

    These are gorgeous, definitely fits my aesthetic! x

  • Melanie Williams

    Love tem all, but really like the magazine rack very smart! Thanks form sharing hun 🙂 x

  • Oh I love all these, I desperately need to update my rooms and have my eye on all these items x

  • oh i need to take a closer look im currently looking for wall decoration etc for my newly decorated home

  • I really love that marble and rose gold clock, that is such a fab find and it will look so lovely with all of your other decor. The magazine rack is lovely as well.

  • Omg I love all of the rose gold home decor you purchased! The clock is so beautiful.

  • Always Carry On.

    I’m just in the process of buying a new house, and am in love with that magazine rack!! Will have to get one for the new pad ☺️

  • Jodie Whitham

    I’m living with parents atm so not one to buy homeware but loving so much i see in shops lately. I love rose gold items atm i thought it would be a phase but still adore them x

  • I love the rose gold accents. I am a huge fan of that marble clock it looks amazing x

  • I’ve been shopping for loads of homeware bits at the moment, love the pieces you’ve picked out x

  • Oh wow, that rose gold magazine rack is gorgeous! I saw a similar on in H&M a few days ago.

  • Melanie Edjourian

    No, none recently but i wanted to get some rose gold items in rose gold. I quite like that magazine rack that would work well at mine.

  • I need to do some home wear shopping. I was saying to my husband i want a bin like yours – he said all the rubbish would fall out. xx

  • I love the rose gold, new home accessories are a great finishing touch to the decor.

  • Beautyqueenuk

    Loving these and the one item I don’t actually have at home is a clock x

  • Angela Milnes

    Wow, these are all looks beautiful and unique I want this too on my house. Glad you share this

  • Hayley

    That clock is amazing! You have some really nice pieces.

  • merel

    I love these decoration pieces <3 Thanks for sharing!

    X Merel

  • Emily Leary, A Mummy Too

    Love the simplicity of the magazine holder, great colour and finish too!

  • Great choices! I’ve been waiting until I move out of my flat to redecorate so I’m loving the inspiration. I am really loving Maison du Monde too! x

  • Healthy & Psyched

    I love rose gold, it’s just so pretty!! That clock is my fave 🙂 I hardly ever buy things for my home- I think the last thing I got was a plant!!

  • I am a huge fan of rose gold and I really like that side table! The design is stylish yet functional. I would love one for my bedroom! x

  • You picked up some gorgeous items, I love that little side table! xo

  • i am such a sucker for rose gold at the moment and in love with the design of the side table!

  • I love how everything is rose gold, it’s such a gorgeous colour.

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