Favourite Nude Lipstick Choices For Spring

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Nude Lipstick

Despite being a complete liquid lipstick obsessive (proof here) I do love lipsticks as well but only tend to use them for subtle shades/ general normal day to day to wear which is why nude’s are some of my favourites. If I’m just looking for a little swipe on my lips, something nourishing and I’m not worried about it wearing down there are a few options which are my go to’s such as:

Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Lipstick in Super Nude

The soap and glory lipstick is probably my favourite part of the collection and one of the absolute best formula’s I’ve come across. As I have so many lipsticks I rarely run out of a shade but with this, I’ve not only run out of it but I’ve rebought it which doesn’t happen often with me and makeup. The Mother Pucker Lipsticks are hydrating, glide on easily, provide enough colour to show you’re wearing something but this one, in particular, is the absolute perfect nude on me. Sometimes nude’s show off how pale I am but this doesn’t and gives me the perfect amount of colour coverage.

Nude Lipsticks

Charlotte Tilbury K.I.S.S.I.N.G Lipstick in Stoned Rose

The main reason I love this particular lipstick is because of how moisturizing and nourishing it is, it’s almost like a lip balm with the most beautiful light rose colour which sits perfectly on the lip. If I’m just looking for the tiniest amount of colour this is absolutely perfect and gives my lips the kind of sheen you never really get with a liquid lipstick. The coverage is almost opaque but it’s so lightweight you can’t really feel it on the lips. The K.I.S.S.I.N.G range from Charlotte Tilbury are the classic go-to shades from her collection so there’s a reason why Stoned Rose is a part of this, although I don’t hear enough people champion how great it is.

Mac Lipstick in Velvet Teddy

The cult classic mac shade is popular for a reason as it is super subtle in colour but suits almost every skin tone. Mac themselves describe the matte finish lipstick as a deep tone beige and on me, it glides on as a near perfect nude shade. Despite it being a matte finish it is really comfortable and not drying with plenty of staying power. One of the best things about these lipsticks is that they don’t accentuate the fine lines on the lips and Velvet Teddy provides a great base to work with.

March 21, 2017
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  • FussFreeJen

    I do like a lipstick that has everyday wearability. Particularly like the sound of The Mother Pucker.

  • I’ve not tried any of these but I do love a good nude for Spring x

  • Not tried these three, but really want to buy a CT lipstick soon!

  • Always Carry On.

    I’m not usually a lipstick wearer, but if I do wear one, it’s nude 🙂 x

  • Gareth Torrance

    And there’s another makeup item to add to the list of stuff I can get for my wife! 🙂

  • Jo Wiggins

    I’ve never tried Soap n Glory lipsticks before. Great to see a post dedicated to nude shades rather than brights for once x

  • Melanie Williams

    Love this post, great to see so many nude choices, I must go shopping 😉 x

  • Crystal Gareau

    I don’t really purchase lipstick often, but I have found that the nude tones have been super popular lately.

  • Ickle Pickle

    I don’t wear a lot of lipstick but if I do, it is these colours, they are lovely. Kaz

  • Joanna

    I don’t wear lipstick that often but I love the look these nude shades. The Mac one is definitely one I’d like to try.

  • Beautiful lipsticks. I can’t wear lipsticks but I still like the look of them. xx

  • I love nude lippies, especially ones with a pinkish or reddish undertone as they seem to suit me the most x

  • Louise O’Brien

    Love the idea of Mac velvet teddy, I love getting new lipsticks and think I should treat myself I think this week.

  • ive just repurchased velvet teddy. i seriously cannot get enough of it

  • Mac is always one of the brands I am using as my everyday lipstick. The other two, I might consider trying them too. Hopefully it will meet my expectations.

  • I do love the charlotte tilbury brand, her lipsticks are great!

  • Lovely colours. I love my liquid lipstick by Black Moon Cosmetics called Libra – such a gorgeous nude!

  • These are beautiful shades, I adore MAC and CT lipsticks xx

  • Ayesha Farhad

    I love mac’s velvet teddy! but taupe from mac is also such a beautiful colour!

  • You know I’ve been thinking about how I need to add some nude lipsticks to my collection. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • I don’t often wear a nude lipstick, but one of my daughters loves velvet teddy, the other stoned rose! I have borrowed it on occasion x

  • Emma Oxley

    I find it hard to wear nude lipsticks – I think they make my face and skin tone look washed out but I need a new day look so I’ll have to try some of these – like the look of the Mac one so maybe I’ll start there!

  • Alison Rost

    I’m one for nude colors for my lips (I wish I was braver and bolder with color). I’ll definitely keep my eye out for the Mac Lipstick in Velvet Teddy. Besides a super cool name .. I like a matte finish!

  • Ana Ojha

    I love all these shades but I’d love to buy cult classic mac shade! Also, glad to know that it don’t accentuate fine lines. Can’t wait to check it out!

  • I love Soap and Glory. Everything I’ve ever bought from them has lived up to expectations and they’re so cheap for what they offer!

    I haven’t tried Mother Pucker since the first ever lip gloss they released. I’ll deffo check this out next time I’m in Boots.

  • Kimberly Caines

    It’s always so challenging to find the perfect nude. I love charlotte T. packaging. So pretty. I haven’t tried the other two, and am not a big MaC fan, but the Soap and Glory one is making me curious 😉

  • Enricoh Alfonzo Naidu

    these choices and products look like something my sis and mom would really love. will share with them

  • Love the nude lips look- I’ve actually never tried Soap and Glory- definitely this is one to try for me.

  • I used to be a sucker for nude shades, but I prefer the darker ones these days. Good to know which lippies are perfect for the season though!

  • Emily Leary, A Mummy Too

    I tend to go for lighter lip shades so this is a great shortlist for me. I do like Mac lipsticks, I find them really long-wearing.

  • Chloe Griffiths

    i have so many nude lipsticks its all i seem to buy haha

  • Charlotte

    I love nude shades. I always go for rattan make up. Wish I could pull off bright red lipstick but it just doesn’t suit me.

  • I’m also a big fan of nude lipsticks, especially on days when I don’t have time to fuss over my makeup much.

  • I think nude lipsticks are great but tend to go more for wine red, and darker colours – but always open to try new things.

  • I like colours that pop- otherwise I just use chapsticks. I haven’t used many nude ones. I do have some though. Maybe I will bring it out again.

  • diana

    i havent found perfect nude lipstick for self yet, still hunting for one. once we find a perfectnude lipshade , it becomes a part of almost everyday look. i will try and check these three. thanks for sharing.

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