The Realities Of Camping On A Trek America Tour

If you choose to do a tour in the United States/ Canada through Trek America chances are you’re going to be camping (unless you pay more and opt for the budget lodging option). Talking to our tour leader during our trip apparently, some people turn up on the tours not even knowing they’re camping so they don’t even have a sleeping bag on them. Now I’ve camped loads at festivals over the years’ and although it’s not my favourite thing to do I do feel that these types of tours are made even better by camping. You get to visit more unusual destinations and the costs are driven down as you’re not staying in pricey hotels or hostels.

If you are thinking of doing a Trek America tour, or just fancy camping in the States here are some things to remember.

Be prepared for no showers

Now the company does try and find campsites with facilities but in some areas, this might not be possible, or if like on my trek two of your campsites had to be changed last minute due to temporary closures. You won’t be expected to go a week without a shower but you may find a day or two that you have to deal with it so make sure you have baby wipes, deodorant and dry shampoo to keep yourself as fresh as possible.

Make sure you have a headlamp so you can go to the toilet in the dark

In a lot of camp sites there aren’t lights around the tents, or even in some of the toilets so make sure you have a headlamp so when you need that moonlight pee you can see where you’re going/ if there are bugs around keeping you company, but also so you can keep your hands free and clean.

Get used to the bugs

When camping there’s always going to be bugs whether it’s ants, flies or cockroaches they do happen, especially when you’re camping with Trek America and you’re making your own food so be careful. Always zip up your tent as soon as you’re in or out to prevent things crawling in and make sure all food is packed away to detract company.

Try and keep all your essentials near the top of your bag

This may mean moving around stuff every day so your next days’ clean outfit, PJs and toiletries are at the top but it will be a godsend when you’re sitting in a tent trying to find something to wear and all your clean clothes are at the bottom of your massive rucksack.

Opt for layers when it comes to PJ’s

In some areas, you might find yourself boiling in the subtropic heats, but you may go up in altitude and be camping in a national park and find things take a colder turn. Make sure you pack things you can layer when it comes to sleeping as opposed to only bringing shorts and a tshirt, or full PJ’s. I like to opt for a short sleeve nightie and then leggings and fluffy socks if it gets cold.

Buy a pillow when you arrive on your tour

Having a proper pillow as opposed to an inflatable one or a bag of dirty washing can make the difference between a mediocre sleep and a great sleep, but don’t worry about dragging a pillow in your luggage. On every Trek there will be a trip to a local Walmart right near the beginning where you can pick up any essentials you may have forgotten or not wanted to bring with you. I spent $8 on a pillow and it was the best thing I bought!

You will become a pro at putting up and taking down a tent

Now I like to think I’m pretty good at putting up tents but after you’ve put one up and down constantly in different locations you’ll definitely become a pro. Putting up a tent in minutes due to impending rain?! No problem. Taking down a tent when you’re leaving in ten minutes?! Sure. Packing everything into that tiny bag?! Easy peasy.

Do you have any camping tips?
May 15, 2017
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  • Gareth Torrance

    My wife wouldn’t be able to do this, as she cannot stand bugs! Haha

  • Becca Talbot

    I’d love to do something like this one day – I have camped so many times in the UK (used to be a scout ha!), but I think camping abroad would be different, especially if in a country I can’t speak the language! x

  • Hannah Latoya Bond

    Some great tips here. I haven’t done a tour with Trek America

  • Savi and Vid

    I’m ok with everything else but a bit petrified of bugs if I’m being honest – eek. Great tips there – would definitely consult it before booking a trekking holiday 🙂

  • Elodie

    Like you, I’ve been camping at so many festivals, I probably would be fine, but I somehow don’t think I could cope very well with the bugs without drinking a ridiculous amount of cider. Ha! x

  • Mummy Times Two

    My daughter is desperate to go on a camping holiday so I’ll look forward to sharing this with her.

  • I used to love camping when I was younger it isn’t something I could do anymore due to my mobility but it is such a great way to see the world.

  • I don’t think I would survive as I have never done proper camping only glamping. These are great tips

  • The bugs are definitely the worst part of camping. I find citronella candles and really good bug spray combat them well.

  • Jemma

    Some top camping tips, buying a pillow would be top priority for me too!

  • I am really not great with dealing with bugs they make me squeamish but your right being aware and getting used to the fact that they are there probably does help x

  • I love the tip on grabbing a pillow when you get there – it’s the little things that can make a big difference!

  • I have to admit, I’ve never camped before, not sure I could cope with the bugs or disturbed sleep! x

  • Melanie Williams

    What a realistic post – love this…camping is not my thing but some great tips hear such as the headlight and get ready for the bugs! 🙂 x

  • Donna

    Oh I just went on my first camping trip but not sure i am ready for the realness of this! great advice though and buying a pillow there is genius!

  • I have never been on a camping trip before but I would 100% buy a pillow if I did, I love to be comfy

  • Such brilliant advice! I love camping but always have to have a normal pillow with me. It makes all the difference in a good nights sleep x

  • Baby Isabella

    My folks love camping they only thing they don’t like is being cold at night so would recommend thin layers and lots of dry weather gear regardless of the destination x

  • francesca

    I love camping!!! I haven’t been in years though but this has reminded me that maybe this should be a priority of mine!

  • This is brilliant advice. It’s a shame people show up unprepared to camp! I haven’t been camping in the US in years, but can attest to how handy and helpful these tips are.

  • I’ve not been camping before, but these tips are rather helpful! I think I’d definitely have to brace myself for no showers though..

  • Fab tips for anyone camping. I have never been on any kind of camping trip before. I’m not sure how I’d feel about sleeping with bugs… but I always try anything once!

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