Five Things – Week 68

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Five Things I Did This Week

  • On Tuesday evening I had a well overdue catch up with a couple of friends which included burgers in Camden and plenty of chats. I can’t believe how quickly time goes when it comes to properly catching up with friends. The burgers were so bizarre though as they were smoked so came out with glass domes over them to keep the smoke inside.
  • On Wednesday I managed to make a massive dent on the Slam Dunk coverage I was sorting out for my music site – – alongside this I managed to have a bit of a relaxing including a bath and an early night for me.
  • On Friday evening I headed to Wembley with my best friend to have dinner and then head to see the new Pirates of the Carribean film. Now I had really low expectations for the film but it wasn’t actually that bad, although I hope Disney have now drawn their line under the Pirates movies.
  • Saturday saw me heading up to Birmingham for another weekend, this time I had a lovely brunch, finally got round to doing the Jewellery Quarter Museum which I had been meaning to do and then I mixed in some shopping. I then headed to the NEC to meet my other half for dinner and a hotel stay.
  • On Sunday I headed to the UK Games Expo for the day with my other half and two of his friends, and we managed to play an awesome game called Mansions of Madness which I am a little obsessed with.

Five Great Things To Happen

  • With all of my flat clearing out the next section to be given a spring clean was all of my toiletries and skincare, and my god I had so much more than I realized. I don’t think I’ll have to buy shower gel for about two years haha. I managed to clear out some older bits and move things around so I have a better idea of what I have.
  • This week was great for blog collaborations and I am so excited for some of the impending posts which I am planning for the next few months. I am trying to push as much as I can into my blog and it’s slowly seeming to be paying off.
  • After somehow managing with a 13.5 tog duvet for God knows how long I have finally invested in a lighter summer duvet and some brand new bedding to go alongside it and it’s so cool and fluffy. I did not want to get out of bed the morning after I put it on.
  • I somehow managed to lose half a pound this week despite a wedding and two festivals during my week so I was very happy with that result.
  • Me and my other half have booked tickets to see the Gorillaz live in London in December and I’m pretty excited. I saw them play once before headlining Glastonbury and it was such a fun show.

smoked burgers

Five Things Which Sucked

  • I still have piles of cardboard packaging in my spare room from my recent new unit and wardrobe which I still haven’t managed to take down to the rubbish. I almost forget it’s there for a while and then bam I walked into my spare room and it’s there.
  • I’m having some issues with my Clear score report and getting access to it. I’m trying to push myself to save more and I wanted to see my credit score and everything break down but currently, it’s a bit tricky.
  • I have been super busy at work today with me running two people’s jobs as it is and then my other manager being on holiday so I have felt a bit knackered this week.
  • I have a drawer for my Ikea wardrobe which has been sat in my living room for about 2 weeks now and I still haven’t put it together. I am always so busy when I get home from work but I need to find time.
  • I wanted to have all my packing for Paris and Download Festival done by the weekend but this just didn’t happen so I’ll have to finish it Monday night before my travels commence.

Five Things To Do Next Week

  • Have an early night on Thursday as it’s my one night home between Paris and Download.
  • Start watching Orange Is The New Black which comes out on Friday.
  • Enjoy every second of Download Festival as it may well be the only full weekend festival I do this summer.
  • Have a good work out at the gym Monday as it will be the only chance I get to go.
  • Try not to spend too much money on beauty products when I’m in Paris.
What have you been up to this week?
June 5, 2017
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  • Yay for a week filled with awesome blog collabs! That is always exciting when a week full of great things comes around.

  • Natasha Mairs

    wow Rhian, you are always so busy! I spend most of my time just at home doing nothing. I would have love to have gone to the download festival

  • Mellissa Williams

    Sounds like a busy but mostly great week! Enjoy Paris and Download!

  • You’ve had a jam packed week! I really wanted to go to Slam Dunk this year, boooo!

  • Cassandra Mayers

    I went to see Pirates of the Caribbean. I also Thought it was good 🙂 Some funny parts in there… Jack Sparrows comedy never gets old.
    I cant wait for Orange is the New Black either 🙂

  • Mummy Times Two

    Catching up with friends is always good. I always put off building flat pack furniture too.

  • Melanie Edjourian

    OH wow that sounds like to have a burger served, where was it you went? I want to watch the next Pirate movie although I don’t know when I can squeeze that in.

  • Hannah Latoya Bond

    Looks like you have had a good week. I’m trying to take it easy this week

  • Sounds like you had a great week, catching up with friends is always great.

  • Ooh how exciting I love Gorillaz, I would love to see them live again! It is exciting that you have got some good blog collaborations as well x

  • Gareth Torrance

    I’m so jealous that you are going to Download! I still haven’t been able to go… Not even once 🙁 I never had the spare cash…

  • It’s great that you have a plan for what you are going to do next week. I need to organise myself and make a plan as I always end up postponing the things I really need to do, like declutter my wardrobe for example.

  • Deborah Nicholas

    I am so excited for OITNB to start again!

  • I’m actually still using a 13.5 tog duvet. i just can’t wait to use a lighter one once it starts warming up again. its that different feel!

  • Jennifer Eastwell

    I cannot wait for the new Orange is The New Black! I want to know what happens! I hope you have a lovely time at the Download Festival, I’ve always wanted to go to one!

  • Jacinta Zechariah

    It’s great to catch up with friends after a long time. I just caught up with a friends after 17 years. (We were in different continents!)

  • I always love your 5 things post and am envious of all the great things you get to go to and do! I don’t know how you manage to fit it all in. Enjoy Download!! xx

  • Jo

    Wow! You have been up to a lot. I want to see the new Pirates of the Caribbean film too. The UK Games Expo sounds great too xx

  • Kate Veggie Desserts

    You’ve been busy! Congrats on getting more blog work and I hope you enjoy the rest of your spring cleaning.

  • You’ve been so busy! I’ve always wanted to nosey around the jewelry quarter!

  • mummyslittlemonkey

    Once again, you’ve made me feel very lazy and VERY boring! 😉 PS: if you’re still having trouble with ClearScore, hubby and I just remortgaged and were advised that a Doddle credit report is much better and more accurate (it’s also free).

  • Louise Smith

    Hope you have a great time at the Download Festival. LOTS of my friends are there already and I’m super jealous.

    Louise x

  • francesca

    OMG Gorillaz in December!! My husband would LOVE to do this!!!

  • Jenni Grainger

    I didn’t know Gorillaz were still around! Ikea furniture is a pain, I get my uncle to help me haha

  • KGR

    Such a busy week. I still haven’t gone to slam dunk yet! Catching up with friends is the best isn’t it! X

  • fashion-mommy

    Glad you had such a good time in Birmingham, my neck of the woods, the Bull looks fab doesn’t it!

  • Donna

    I am currently binge watching OITNB every night! I also have an early night planned this week. I enjoyed this round-up as always!

  • Love reading what others get up to – many congrats on the weight loss – better than a gain as they say! And keep up the great work with the collaborations – it must be nice to get to the stage when you have to turn them away (I’m yet to reach that!)

  • Crystal Gareau

    Wow, it sounds like you have one fulfilling week. I can’t wait to read some of these collabs that you are working on.

  • Sounds like such a full week! I’m currently trying to get through as much OITNB as I can, even if I only have a spare 10 minutes, I need to watch some of it!

  • Hayley

    I love it when they dress the Bull up! I didn’t get to see him in his cricket gear

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