Five Things – Week 73

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Five Things I Did This Week

  • On Tuesday I joined my other half at his friend’s house for the next installment of their D&D campaign and because they skipped a week I was actually seeing a continuation of when I went last time.
  • On Wednesday I headed to the Odeon Imax in Milton Keynes to see the new Spiderman movie and while I won’t leave any spoilers I will say that it’s a fantastic movie and the right mixture of light hearted fun and action so I’d definitely recommend giving it a watch.
  • On Friday I headed up to Leicester with a bunch of my friend’s for the first night of the wedding party which was a mendhi party where we all got our henna done and generally partied before the wedding.
  • Saturday was a nice chilled day where we went to a beautiful park just outside of Leicester and relaxed, a  few of us were also roped into learning a small dance to perform at the reception on Sunday.
  • Sunday was wedding day and it started at 5am for me when I got up and ready in my sari. We headed to the Gurdwara to watch the religious ceremony and then hit up the reception until 1am.

Five Great Things To Happen

  • On Monday morning I woke up and managed to sort through the majority of my kitchen cupboards throwing out some out of date packets of food and rearranging everything so it’s neater and organized better.
  • After a successful June at work our director bought us all pizza as a thank you which was really nice and it meant I didn’t have to worry about lunch on Thursday although I did feel a bit of a pig eating a whole pizza.
  • Me and my best friend bought tickets to the Roundhouse beach cinema for later this month. We’re heading there to see Four Weddings & A Funeral which somehow I’ve never seen before.
  • I got my nails done on Friday morning and I am very happy with how they came out. I decided to go for a really bright and cheerful colour to match the Indian wedding so I opted for bright pink glitter.
  • The dance that we were last minute roped into doing at the reception on the Sunday seemed to go pretty well although it was over so quickly I have no idea if I did everything right or not.

Five Four Things Which Sucked

  • I have been doing a lot more during my full-time job since taking over from my manager and I know I want to/ should ask for a pay rise but I am too damn nervous and don’t know how to approach it.
  • My friend was stuck in loads of traffic before our movie on Wednesday so we didn’t get as long to catch up as I’d have liked. Next time we’ll opt for a weekend meet.
  • Due to the wedding, I ate so badly across the weekend from ordering pizza and picnic snacks to all the Indian food that I ate so I know that I really need to push to be healthier again.
  • Over the whole weekend, I had so little sleep due to the house where we were staying being so warm and general late nights/ early mornings O I know

Five Things To Do Next Week

  • Unpack from the wedding and get everything washed and sorted within a day or so of coming back.
  • Pull everything out of my hallway cupboard and have a massive cull in here like I did with my kitchen cupboards.
  • Work out when we can book our Rome hotel as once this is done we’re completely booked with hotels and flights so I can start looking at things to do nearer the time.
  • Get some ideas of what to do in Oxford next month when I’m there for a spa weekend with my friend.
  • Explore some new avenues for my blog like spending time on Stumbleupon etc
What have you been up to this week?
July 10, 2017
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  • Nice list, not everyone can make a list like this. If we all can make a list of 5 things done in a week and list out the achievements and shortfalls, everyone can make their life more meaningful for the upcoming week.

  • Did you have a good mendhi party? I have one coming up and a friends sisters wedding too which should be so much fun! I can’t wait xx

  • Nelu

    I love the Indian culture! It just seems so rich and vibrant. I hope you had fun

  • Ania Ewelina

    This looks like such an amazing week. I love the indian culture and food, I do really hope I can make it to a medhi party one day.

  • I also got my nails done this week and it does give you that little extra boost 🙂

  • Hal Yusuf

    its gonna be a busy week for you – i bet you already have this list on paper somewhere in your room
    it seems you are super organised

  • Jessica Lynn Martin

    My husband and I want to see Spiderman and we’ve heard only good things about it. So glad you had a good week and so cool you went to a wedding. All of our friends are married so not sure when we will be going to another wedding.

  • Claire Lee

    Wow your week is really interesting. I love being at home just eating homemade food, and don’t mind blogging and web surfing all day. – so that’s what I would do! haha

  • Kristine Nicole Alessandra VA

    Looks like you have been busy with some fun activities. I love going to weddings. It is true that a bride is prettiest on her wedding day. Well, for me, my week has been nothing less than stressful. My husband is sick, my grandson’s nanny has not shown up for 5 days, which means I babysit on top of blogging, housework, cooking, going to the store, doing the laundry. I am so tired I could just drop dead any minute now.

  • Margarette Puno

    Looks like you have a very tough schedule for this week and the coming week. You seemed to be very systematic and well-organized. I wish I can do the way you plan about your things.

  • Carla

    I haven’t tried watching a film at the IMAX in MK. If we go to MK we normally just go to the cineworld in xscape. Sounds like you have had a busy time!

  • Becca Talbot

    Sounds like you had a busy week! I love the mendhi design you had drawn, but out of interest, did you do a patch test before having it done? I only ask because years I ago I had a severe allergic reaction to henna, and am now so worried 🙁 x

    • No they didn’t actually do patch tests on us, which thinking about it we should have had done x

  • It sounds like you had an amazing week full of things to do, Oxford is amazing have a fantastic time there for your spa break.

  • Helen Clark

    You’ve had such a busy week! Hope this week is as good for you and you get everything done you want to. I’ve been loving seeing the wedding photos on your Instagram, you all looked gorgeous.

  • Elena Stevkovska

    I hope you will manage to finish all your tasks and find a time to rest as well.

  • kathryn Maher

    You packed a lot into your week. The wedding you attended sounds like great fun and the sari’s in the photo are so beautiful. I love the henna on your hands my daughter gets it done every summer.

  • Jennifer Eastwell

    It sounds like you’ve been so busy! And you’ve got more coming up. i hope you get everything done. I love your henna tattoo, it’s gorgeous. I also went to go and see the new Spiderman movie and really enjoyed it 🙂

  • Anosa Malanga VA

    What an amazing experience this week has for you. I am sure you had a lot of fun and memorable experience on that wedding tradition. You look all great with that Sari.

  • David Elliott

    Spiderman does look like a lot of fun. And as far as StumbleUpon I hope you find out some good things in it. I have found that it is helpful to drive traffic. But it can be a bit crazy at times. I do believe it is important for your blogging though.

  • Shannon Ritchie

    That sounds like a fabulous week! Those sari’s are so gorgeous!

  • Sounds like you had a great week! It always takes me ages to unpack! 🙂

  • I love your updates. Can’t wait to hear what you think about Rome, I’m still on holiday, travelling back tomorrow and dreading the unpacking already x

  • Mummy Times Two

    It sounds like you had a great week. I do love weddings.

  • Oxford is lots of fun! Definitely allocate some time to just wander around and sit in cosy coffeeshops 🙂


    Awe I love this blog posts concepts, really makes you highlight the positive and appreciate life more! I’m glad you had a great week! (ps. I love Leicester lol)

  • Sounds like you have had a really positive and jam packed week! I really can’t wait to see the new Spiderman film. I just need to watch the previous one beforehand!

  • Another busy week for you! I’m surprised you liked Spiderman, I keep hearing people say it’s a bit ‘meh’.

  • Ana Ojha

    Looks like your busy week with full of surprises! Glad that you visited mendhi party and your henna looks pretty! Indian weddings are fun to attend!

  • Melanie

    What a week. The mendhi party looks fab and I am going to see Spiderman tomorrow too :)x

  • Anosa Malanga VA

    Traditional wedding is a great experience. Wearing sari is also difficult. I remember my friend needed to watch a video on how to wear a sari because she can’t figure it out. Its also nice to know you are travelling again. Cheers to more travels!

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