Five Things – Week 99

Five Things – Week 99

Five Things I Did Last Week

  • On Monday evening I went back to the gym and managed a good half an hour work out before my aqua aerobics class. I need to make more of an effort to do my weight workouts at home as well.
  • On Thursday evening I headed to Westfield to have a lovely meal at the Original Smokehouse and it was a really good meal, definitely one for the carnivores as we ate so much meat.
  • On Friday after a trip to Tesco we had an evening of cooking some new recipes followed by watching Tenacious D’s ‘The Pick of Destiny’.
  • Saturday was very much a chill day as we firstly had our brand new bed delivered which I am very happy about but I also got to be super productive with things I needed to alongside cooking some more.
  • On Sunday I headed to Leciester Square with my best friend to have a meal at Maison’s Du Mezze after I won a competition for a meal for two. The meal was so nice that I’ll definitely be heading back there again.

Five Great Things To Happen

  • I have been meaning to have a freshen up with my blog layout for a while now and so I bought a new Pipdig layout and I am so happy with the initial look. There are still some tweaks I want to make but for the moment I am very happy.
  • I’ve been really brutal with my wardrobe and I seem to have so much more room now which makes me happy. I need to make sure when I’m buying new items or getting printed T-shirts in London done that I am really picky and not just buying everything.
  • I braved the Boots 70% off sale first thing on Friday morning and managed to grab a whole bunch of bargains as treats for me or gifts to keep for my family. It’s always hectic but for me it’s worth it.
  • I managed to book tickets for the Creme Egg Cafe which is something I’ve been meaning to do for years, and thankfully 2018 is that year.
  • I had a nice clear out of all of my kitchen cupboards and managed to stream line quite a few areas which makes me feel so much better.

Maison Du Mezze

Five Things Which Sucked

  • I put on a pound this week at Slimming World. I totally expected it because it was my birthday and I went out a bit but of course, I was a bit disappointed.
  • Although our bed arrived we haven’t heard anything about our mattress which we are still waiting on, it’s a shame it didn’t arrive as we could have put everything up last week.
  • As the bed isn’t sorted the flat is a mess as I cleared out under my bed and my bedside tables ready for the new stuff but it’s currently just taking up room.
  • One of the guitars within the new Guitar Hero that we bought doesn’t work so we have to send it all back and re-order which is a pain as we wanted to play together.
  • As I woke up super early on Saturday when my boyfriend went to work it meant I was pretty tired on Sunday and I think it caught up on me a bit.

Five Things To Do Next Week

  • Plan some fun things to do in London next Saturday when I meet my friend
  • Try and book flights for my Romania trip in August if they’re still the same price I saw them at a few weeks ago
  • Upload more items to eBay and stagger my uploads to a dozen or so each week so I don’t have too many ending at once
  • Take photos of all the items I have ready for my Valentines Day gift guides and get ahead of my social media scheduling
  • Wake up early at least three mornings to be productive and get stuff done.
What have you been up to this week?

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Five Things - Week 99

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  1. January 22, 2018 / 4:04 pm

    Sounds like it’s been a good week, I’m intrigued as to how you find the Creme Egg cafe as I would love to visit. Enjoy the new bed, when it’s all together!

  2. January 22, 2018 / 4:54 pm

    I keep thinking about getting a new theme, but I’m not sure where to start or look for something I would really fall in love with. How awesome does the creme egg cafe sound! Have an amazing time.

  3. January 22, 2018 / 7:01 pm

    This is such a good way of writing about your week- i might do this in my journal! Thanks for the inspo! x

  4. January 22, 2018 / 7:10 pm

    I love your positivity instead of looking at all the wrongs that happened. Definitly something I should start doing.

  5. Helen
    January 22, 2018 / 9:27 pm

    Reading this has reminded me I got a new theme a few weeks ago but haven’t uploaded it yet! Really must make some time to do that. It sounds like you’ve had a really productive week. I can’t wait to hear about the Creme Egg Cafe, it sounds like heaven.

  6. January 23, 2018 / 12:04 am

    Ooh I have never heard of a ‘creme egg cafe’ before but that sounds like fun and congratulations on winning a meal for too.The food looks delicious and is making me hungry haha!

  7. January 23, 2018 / 8:37 am

    Love reading about what your 5 things are each week, I have had a good few days out with Lucas which has been great

  8. January 23, 2018 / 4:26 pm

    I do love the new layout of your blog- it looks great!

  9. January 23, 2018 / 8:11 pm

    Ooh, I love having a good sort out at this time of year too! Tidying the kitchen cupboards and having a more streamlined wardrobe is so satisfying, isn’t it! I hope your new mattress arrives soon! xx

  10. Alison Rost
    January 23, 2018 / 10:16 pm

    I need to do something like this. Listing down my accomplishments, my setbacks and future plans for the week. Making this a habit will help me be more efficient in my work.

  11. January 23, 2018 / 10:38 pm

    Ooh lovely new theme! I bet your meal with your friend tasted even nicer knowing you had won it!

  12. January 24, 2018 / 8:08 am

    I purchased a new Pipdig layout too!
    I also need to stagger my eBay uploads – completely overwhelmed with parcels to post right now!

    C x

  13. January 24, 2018 / 10:17 am

    oh, I wish I could be more brutal when it comes to clearing out my wardrobe it’s ridiculous the number of clothes I have and I just keep adding to my ever-growing collection. It sounds like you have had a busy week and glad to see a chill day there too.

  14. January 24, 2018 / 12:05 pm

    I really need to clean out my kitchen cupboards now that you mention it! I hope you enjoyed the gym and find classes that keep you motivated.

  15. January 24, 2018 / 12:37 pm

    You have me intrigued by the Creme Egg Cafe – I hope you write about it! Well done on all your decluttering of your kitchen and clothes

  16. Dannii
    January 24, 2018 / 2:02 pm

    Oh this has just reminded me that I need to have a clear out of my wardrobe to make room for all the new clothes I want to buy haha.

  17. January 24, 2018 / 2:21 pm

    Glad to hear you’ve been able to sneak to the gym. This is something that I really need to make time for.

  18. January 24, 2018 / 3:31 pm

    Sounds like a busy and productive week. I totally missed the Boots sale, I bet there were some amazing bargains!

  19. January 24, 2018 / 8:24 pm

    We love Tenacious D’s ‘The Pick of Destiny’ too -its one of my mummy favourite films. We missed the Boots sale, good thing too as we have no money left this month x

  20. January 24, 2018 / 8:32 pm

    Wait a second, theres a Creme Egg Cafe? HOW DID I NOT KNOW THIS?! I definitely need to visit! And I love this post, I think I need to do something like this going forward as a kind of summary each week xo

  21. January 24, 2018 / 8:38 pm

    I know I have said it again, but I do love your 5 things posts! You live such an active, fun and different life and I would love to do half the things you do!
    One thing I was really pleased with this week was I was asked to go back and do some more recording for the Talking Newspaper for the Blind!!! So chuffed

  22. January 24, 2018 / 11:29 pm

    oooh i’m so jealous you’ve booked to go to the creame egg cafe, can’t wait to hear all about it! xo

  23. January 25, 2018 / 6:33 am

    creme egg cafe? thats a thing or have I totally got the wrong idea of it? I need to start being brutal with my wardrobe

    • Rhian Westbury
      January 25, 2018 / 11:37 am

      Yep a creme egg cafe where there are loads of things like cookies/ waffles/ toasties made with creme eggs! I can’t wait

  24. Joanna
    January 25, 2018 / 8:37 am

    I wish I’d knew about the Boots sale before it happened. The shop in my town is not busy at all, I remember a few years ago that I went in the evening after work and managed to buy loads of perfume sets for 2-3 quid that I used all year as birthday gifts.

  25. January 26, 2018 / 11:06 pm

    Wow good to hear about these great things for you this week. Love to check that Original Smokehouse too.

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