Spring/ Summer Homeware Haul

Spring/ Summer Homeware Haul

Although I am really trying to be really good with my money and save as much as I can I have been buying a few bits and pieces recently. Considering the amount of Asos orders I have made, and then the amount I’ve actually returned I don’t feel like I’ve spent all that much money on clothes over the past month but homeware is an area I have been buying some items in.

A few weeks ago my mum wanted to go to TKMAXX so who was I to refuse?! Thankfully I was quite restrained and despite seeing so many pretty items I didn’t pick much up, but one thing I had to get was this adorable white cat face planter. When I picked it up I had no idea what I was going to put in it but I had been thinking about a trailing plant for quite a while. Then a week or so later we went to Ikea mainly to buy a new shoe storage unit but I thought this would be the perfect time to look for a trailing plant and I found this beautiful ivy which was only £3 and the best thing was that it doesn’t need direct sunlight and is good in shady areas, perfect for my flat.

H&M polka dot planter

I’ve never been able to keep plants alive before but I thought to myself I’m approaching 30 surely I should be able to keep a few plants alive so after a trip to the garden centre I got this stunning red/ purple leaved beauty. I can’t remember what the exact name of the plant is but it needs some sunlight which is why we’ve put it near the balcony style open windows but it doesn’t need masses of light which is good.

The planter itself is from H&M Home and this small one was just £8.99 which I thought was great value although the only one I could find online was the larger one which is just as amazing and would look great on the floor with a large plant in.

marshall amp key storage

Me and Luke had discussed getting a new key holder for a while as I used to have a little dish for keys and it worked fine for just mine but adding in Luke’s keys and his car key it just wasn’t practical as we were searching around for the right set of keys.

I spent quite a bit of time looking around online and most things were little hooks or massive heavy magnetic keyrings which they attached onto something on the wall and although there were some pretty styles they weren’t quite right. As soon as I saw this Marshall Amp key hanger on Amazon I knew it was the one and Luke loved it just as much. The amp plug fits as a keyring on your keys and you just slot it into the wall hanging when you get home.

home sense storage

I also made a trip to Homesense this month which for me can be quite lethal as there’s always so many things there that I love but I just have no use or home for. One thing I knew I wanted was a rope style storage basket which would be used for post/ blog things tthat I needed to do something with.

I spotted this natural and black rope effect one when we were walking around and it’s the perfect size as it’s quite roomy inside but doesn’t take up too much room and it was only about £17 which is so much cheaper than similar one’s I’ve seen in high street stores.

storage bins from asda

I’ve always been a big fan of the homeware items in Asda as they’re so affordable compared to the counterparts that you tend to find on the high street. Even though I don’t really need any more storage baskets I saw this blue two set for just £6 and I knew it was going to be coming home with me. They’re really lightweight but due to the way they’re made they seem really heavy duty so I think I might use them in my kitchen cupboards to store all my packets/ rubs etc as they’re a bit of a mess at the moment.

What have you been buying recently? Is there anything you’ve bought that you really don’t need?

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Spring_ Summer Homeware Haul



  1. June 10, 2018 / 12:08 pm

    Oh I adore that cat planter! I can think of so many other uses for it!! I’ve been good with my spending after forking out $600 to have my car repaired after an accident (at least that was just the insurance excess). I did buy a secondhand picture as I want to have a go coverting it into one of those hair tie things for my daughter.

  2. Helen
    June 10, 2018 / 6:40 pm

    Oh I also love Homesense so much – the stock if always changing! All of the storage wicker baskets you picked up are lovely too 🙂

  3. June 11, 2018 / 7:26 am

    Loving the key holder I could use one of these I’m forever losing my keys oops

  4. June 11, 2018 / 8:40 pm

    I could use a key holder like this one. Recently I have been buying so much, but I am trying to cut down now because I am scared for when it comes for us to pack and move houses xx

  5. June 12, 2018 / 8:27 am

    Thats a great selection of items. I really love the plant its got such a nice colour to it. I am always on the look out for storage with two kids I struggle to stay on top of it!!

  6. June 12, 2018 / 4:31 pm

    I haven’t bought any homeware in a little while but I’m planning on doing up my bedroom soon so will be hunting down all the bargains and goodies soon. I love the key holder that you found, it’s so unique

  7. June 18, 2018 / 8:09 pm

    I love TKMAXX and always end up buying more than I went in for. Good luck with looking after the plants, i’m useless and keeping them alive too but they do look so pretty around the house

  8. June 19, 2018 / 8:46 am

    Storage baskets are my achilles heel at the moment – I have so many! I love the blue baskets, so nice to have a pop of colour

  9. June 19, 2018 / 9:48 am

    I like the key holder. I always find summer fares great for home wares on the stalls x

  10. June 19, 2018 / 11:21 pm

    OMG, I am totally in love with the cat face planter! I’ll have to check if our TKMaxx has one.

  11. June 20, 2018 / 9:08 pm

    I’m totally obsessed with storage baskets and I love the ones you chose! I actually have to stop myself buying more cos I really don’t need them but there are such cool ones around in the shops. Your key holder is fab too!

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