Portfolio: Freelance Work

Portfolio: Freelance Work

During the Summer of 2014 I started working as a freelance copywriter in my spare time taking on an array of tasks including website re-writes, SEO targeted articles, product descriptions, proof-reading, music reviews and much more.

During the summer of 2018 I worked with Live Nation and Download Festival on some reviews for their official websites. You can read reviews from Friday, Saturday and Sunday here.

I wrote a blog post on People Per Hour which is where I get most of my work through and you can read the post here, Since this post I have done a lot of work including a number of near enough complete website re-writes including:

I did some blogs for photography stock website FudPix including:

Some other articles which I have done include:

I have also worked extensively with UK Festival Guides to update festival descriptions and details on an ongoing basis.

For a number of months I have worked with Encounter FM choosing tracks for their playlist, writing about them, uploading the data to the site and more recently posting through their social media.

* PLEASE NOTE: While I do try and check these websites as often as possible changes may have been made since work I completed.


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