Benefit: The Indestructible Eyeliner

Benefit: The Indestructible Eyeliner

Benefit They’re Real Push Up Eyeliner: £18.50/ Benefit They’re Real Remover: £14.50

If in some crazy parallel world I was forced to pick just one make up item to wear it would always be eyeliner. For as many years as I can remember I’ve worn thick dark liner on the top of my eyelids; so much so that I can’t find a photo of me post teenage status without it!

Because of this I’ve tried a lot of liners. I never really found pencil liner worked all that well on the top lid – although on the bottom it can work really well. I used liquid eyeliners for a lot of my teenage years but found it sometimes resulted in having to take it off and put it back on again because it went wonky or too thick on one eye. It always just the one eye though!

About three years ago I started using my first gel eyeliners and haven’t looked back since, and after loving Benefit’s new ‘They’re Real’ Mascara I thought I’d give the eyeliner in the same range a go. The gel is twisted up onto an incredibly soft nibbed tip and when you draw it on you can create the perfect lines.

I sometimes find using brushes with standard gel eyeliner can result in lines thicker than I’d sometimes want or a difficulty knowing how much gel to use; but one twist of the Benefit eyeliner and you have the perfect amount of liner. It really is one of the best things I’ve ever used.

The only negative I would say about the product is also one of its positives; it’s longevity. The eyeliner physically will not budge, I even tried showering and washing my hair with it on and it still looked immaculate so it’s perfect for a day at a theme park/ doing water sports or anything when you need make up on all day. The negative is taking it off.

The first few times I used it I used my normal eye make-up remover and it took a long time and I had to be super careful to not scrub away at my face: no one wants to get older with saggy eyes! I then purchased the Benefit ‘They’re Real’ Make Up Remover and it was much easier to remove but personally I think it is a little pricy for make-up remover. Fortunately I don’t plan on wearing the eyeliner everyday so I’m going to be careful to only use the remover with that liner.

Overall the new Benefit collection is fantastic for those who want long lasting quality make-up.

Have you tried the new eyeliner from Benefit, what do you think? Do you have any eyeliner recommendations? 

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