Killer Bunny: The Home Of Sinister Artwork

Killer Bunny: The Home Of Sinister Artwork

A week ago I stumbled across this fascinating art stall in Camden Lock but didn’t have long enough to properly appreciate it, so after dragging my friend to Camden purely for this I managed to have a proper look around the ‘Killer Bunny’ art stall.

Now the work is a bit sinister and there are lot of pictures of a so-called Killer Bunny murdering beloved Disney characters from Eeyore and Winnie the Pooh to Chuckie and Freddie Krueger but the work is so imaginative and engrossing: plus the quality is fantastic.

I could have spent hours browsing the work but settled on three A5 prints (costing a mere £10 for them all!) The three prints encapsulate three of my favourite movies: The Joker from Batman (probably the least sinister of the three), Killer Bunny killing Frank from Donnie Darko and my favourite one The Nightmare Before Christmas.

The artist Jeff Michalik hand draws and creates all of the artwork which can be bought on three different size prints, mugs, tshirts and bags. If you’re planning a trip to Camden make sure you check out this stall but until then check out his website. Now I just need to find some space to hang them!


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