Dear bands: Make your live shows more interesting!

Dear bands: Make your live shows more interesting!

In the past seven years I’ve been privileged to attend a lot of live shows from Britney Spears, The Kooks and McBusted to Bring Me The Horizon and Motorhead, and probably everything in between! Live shows and festivals have always been a big part of my life and I’m sure I’ll continue to venture out to them for years to come. But I’m starting to find that apart from the so called ‘big guns’ (I’m looking at you Foo Fighters and Green Day!) it’s rare that you’ll ever have to wait years to see your favourite band play.

The majority of bands will place shows every year and in some cases multiple times every year ranging from headline tours, support shows and festivals. A few years ago I couldn’t go to a show without the likes of Don Broco or Mallory Knox popping up (not that I was complaining!) But now some bands are playing so often I’m actually beginning to lose interest and I’ve begun to notice myself getting bored at times.

There’s nothing better than live music in my opinion and being based (pretty much) in London I’m overwhelmed with the amount of show prospects out there, but it’s almost getting too much. Bands are playing shows so early in their careers and sometimes before they’ve had an album out which means the sheer amount of shows available is unreal.

How many times do you really want to see the same band sing/ scream out the same bunch of songs? How many times do you want to hear the same intro music to a set? And how many times do you want to see a band do the same gimmicks and things that they do at every other show? We can’t go to every show by a band we love (or like those few big songs of!) so bands need to sell their shows.


Having seen hundreds and hundreds of bands live (I have a book with them all written down and one day I will count!) it occurred to me earlier this year that I don’t want to continue going to shows that will be no different to the show I saw six months ago. It’s not enough to just stick in a new song, I want to come out feeling incredible or at least satisfied.

A Day To Remember stick singer Jeremy in a zorb ball where he runs out over the crowd and they brought a house to their London show for true party style. During Marmozets set at Slam Dunk (and plenty of others) more of the band played their set from the middle of the crowd than the stage. And Baby Godzilla well they’re Baby Godzilla. At Download Festival the guitarist climbed on top of an ice cream van and played from there! It’s a wonder how they don’t injure themselves during every show.

There’s also been a huge rise in ‘album shows’. Finch playing ‘What It Is To Burn’, Jimmy Eat World playing ‘Futures’ at Reading and Canterbury (R.I.P) performing ‘Dark Days’ for their album launch show. You don’t always need gimmicks and lights or fireworks to make a show epic it’s about interacting with the crowd, movement and enjoying yourself.

Come on bands make your shows more memorable.


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