It’s December….. eek

It’s December….. eek

I genuinely can’t believe that’s it December already, it only seemed like the summer and festival season like finished. In some ways I love the winter, although those that know me will know that my summer and winter wardrobes don’t really differ. I wear the same cardigans and jumpers all year through and I hate wearing a coat, but I’ve actually had to go out and buy one because I’m freezing walking to work!

I’m genuinely more excited for Christmas this year than I have been in a long time, essentially because I no longer work in retail. Yes there were some fantastic times during retail Christmas’ from helping people choose gifts to the mass of food we would all eat on Christmas eve but I won’t miss the gruelling long days (10-13 hour shifts on a normal day), working until 8pm on Christmas eve and being lucky if I got 2 days off. This year I get 8 days off, now for some people this might not seem like much (I know people with 14-16 days off!) but for me this is incredible. I’ll get the enjoy Christmas and not feel tired and be able to chill out far more than I’ve ever had the chance to before.

The end of December brings about New Year; another of my favourite times of the year but not just because of the chance to party in the New Year with friends. Now I’m not one for resolutions as such, I don’t believe in the whole ‘My diet begins on 1st January’ or ‘I’m going to quit smoking on 1st January’, but I do write myself objections and goals for the year. These generally include things I want to achieve during the year, places I want to visit and similar things. They’re things I’d probably do anyway but it gives me a way of looking back and crossing things off when I achieve them/ complete them. For example one of my goals for 2014 was to get a new job and not be in retail by Christmas and another was to go to a European festival, both of which I achieved (yay!)

Do you make New Year’s resolutions or goals for your year?

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