Boots Beauty Haul

Boots Beauty Haul

Soap And Glory- Love At First Blush Shimmer Powder- £11/ Soap And Glory- Supercat Fat Black Eyeliner- £7/ L’oreal Paris- Mega Volume Miss Manga Punky Mascara- £5.99 (introductory offer)/ Time Delay Boots- Instant Lip Plumper- £8.49

As it was my birthday last week and I was lucky enough to receive some money what better way to spend my money than having a mini make up haul?

Soap and Glory are one of those brands who I knew did amazing body and bath products but I was a little behind on their make-up range so I thought I’d give some of their products a go. I chose their blusher compact in their Love At First Blush colour collection which is made up of different shades of pinks which blended together looked pretty (which a slight sparkle) but didn’t look too pink. I use a lot of different blushes but they’re all pretty similar and I liked this one because of the added factor that it had a shimmer to it. The shimmer is enough to transform your look from day to night without going over the top and it’s a really good size so I have a feeling this is going to be around for a while.

soap and glory

The second product in their collection I picked up was their fat eyeliner. I wear a lot of eyeliner and flit between gel and liquid depending on where I’m going (I tend to find gel lasts longer) and how lazy I’m feeling (I tend to find liquid quicker and slightly easier to apply) so I’m always on the lookout for something new. The Soap and Glory Supercat liner is a thick pen meaning it is really easy to grip and although the product itself is quite thick it’s easy to just use the point and have something slightly more discreet. It is so easy to apply that I actually manage to finish my make-up routine a little quicker when I use it; and the best thing it lasts really well. I usually find liquid eyeliners smudge during the day but this didn’t and it didn’t leave dark marks on my lids but at the same time it was so easy to remove I didn’t need to scrub. For a mere £7 it’s definitely a product I’d recommend for anyone looking for a decent eyeliner.

loreal paris miss manga

Ever since first trying Benefit’s ‘It’s Not Real’ mascara I have pretty much used nothing else but Loreal Paris have been flooding TV channels with adverts about their new punky manga mascara so much that I gave in and thought i’d give it a try (good job marketing team!) It did also help that it was on offer at Boots, another added bonus. I wasn’t expecting much but I was blown away. For a product so reasonably priced it did the job as well (if not slightly better) than my Benefit product. The brush itself is really small and the brushes aren’t long but this works so that every lash gets a decent amount of product on it rather than all the mascara being stuck at the bottom of the brushes never to reach your lashes. For once I am glad I gave in to the persistent TV adverts and I think you should too.

boots lip plumper

The final product that I picked up was Boots own branded lip plumper. I’ve used this product a few times underneath my normal lipstick – because it doesn’t have much colour – and it has worked really well. The warning of a slight tingeling sensation was just that- slight. It does make my lips appear plumper but the only downside like most lip plumping products is that it isn’t very long lasting and you do need to reapply if you want to keep them looking plump. I normally have quite dry lips so this added quite a lot of moisture to them and kept them smooth while the product lasted.

Have you tried any of these products? What do you think?

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