For Bloggers

SEO/ DA Audit

From my experienced role in digital marketing I spend a lot of time looking at ways to increase my brand’s rankings naturally and of course, SEO works hand in hand with increasing your brand’s DA score.

For many bloggers, DA is a number which can affect opportunities you get with brands and agencies, and the number can be the difference between how much money you make in any given month.

I work with bloggers to help create a personalized SEO/ DA Audit on your website covering on-page optimization such as images, alt text, sitemaps, tags etc. But also the optimization for your DA including how to reduce your Spam score, Anchor text terms, Spam Analysis on links coming to your site, Linking opportunities, Page speed analysis and much more.

Bloggers all know how time-consumingĀ it can be to check your broken links soI can also provide a broken link report detailing where to clean up your links for example ‘Delete a comment from X on this post (link).

If you’re interested in getting an audit for your site or are looking for a quote please e-mail me on