Portfolio: Hit The Floor/ Mosh

Portfolio: Hit The Floor/ Mosh

I began writing for Hit The Floor back in May 2012 where I was given the opportunity to review loads of amazing albums and go to a bunch of awesome shows.  The rock section of the website was always the largest genre, and therefore I progressed quickly to ‘News Editor’. In early 2013 the current rock editor moved on and I was asked to take her place and since then Hit The Floor has progressed tenfold. At the end of 2014 we decided to branch out and make a separate rock sub-brand and Mosh was born.

When I worked for Hit The Floor I did a lot more physical content ranging from news posts, album reviews, opinion pieces and festival/ live reviews. This included some movie features and pop reviews. I managed the entire Mosh website alongside managing a team of around 17 people. This included reviewing the site for opportunities, allocating and chasing features and reviews within my team, liaising with PR’s working on news stories/ interviews/ live music opportunities, collating and working with festival content, giving constant feedback to my team and much more.

I also attended live music shows and festivals myself where I both review and take photos. I stepped down from Mosh in June 2018 in order to pursue other opportunities but had the best time working for them.

Take a read of my Hit The Floor work here.
Take a read of some of Mosh work here.


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