Hi everyone

My name is Rhian Westbury and this here is my little hub of the internet dedicated to my world. I am a Creative Writing graduate from Watford (Yes, where the Harry Potter studios are!) and I graduated longer ago than I care to think about. I’ve always loved writing but it was just after leaving uni that my love blossomed, it’s definitely more enjoyable when you’re not being forced to do it for grades!
Having always said to my parents that I wanted to be author (even at the ripe age of five!) I have always written, although it took a while for me to realise the scope of choice to write online. When I left university I started writing for every online website that would have me which led to me writing for Dead Press, Hit The Floor, Bring The Noise, Stencil Magazine, Ramzine, Propaganda blog, Onset Music and Live The Scene at the same time.
During my time with these sites I got some fantastic opportunities, I got to interview and meet bands and attend shows which made me realize that music journalism was something which I thoroughly enjoyed. For about five years I was the editor of Mosh which was the rock sister site to Hit The Floor where I helped develop and grow the website beyond recognition and worked with some amazing people. I stepped down in June 2018 in order to better focus my workload and efforts on other projects.

I spent three and a half years working as an SEO/ Content Marketing Assistant and PPC Manager, but now I have moved on to become a Customer Care Content Editor Team Leader at Asos and I have never been happier.

In my spare time to earn some extra pennies I am a Freelance Copywriter writing across a range of topics from product descriptions, retail blogs, and commercial B2B articles to blog writing for music and beauty websites. I have written for a large range of topics, just check out my portfolio. I love a challenge and will undertake anything thrown at me.

Life isn’t all about work, work, work and I do love to catch up with friends and family, eat out, watch movies (especially if they’re directed by Tim Burton or feature superheroes), read and of course shopping.

This blog is just an outlet for everything that interests me and some of the things I get up to in my life from travel and music to beauty and interiors.