SEO Tips: How To Sort Out Your Meta Descriptions

SEO Tips: How To Sort Out Your Meta Descriptions

As I’ve said before meta descriptions are what show underneath your URL in Google and it is your way of selling your blog and making someone click on it.

For my whole blog this is my meta description (It’s not 100% perfect and should really be a little longer but you get the idea).

my blog meta description

And for an individual post it might look something like this

blog post meta description

If you don’t remember typing in a quick overview of your post then chances are your description underneath will be the first 150 characters of your blog post, which in a lot of people’s cases doesn’t always sell the post or what is going to be inside so you need to get this set up.

There are sites where you can check your meta descriptions but I think it’s easier to just go into each one and check yourself as it’s easy to spot. Meta descriptions should always be under 150 characters otherwise your description will end in …. but should be as close to this figure as possible.


On Blogger to enable this you click Settings > Search Preferences and then there’s a box which says description. When you click it will say ‘Enable Search Description’ this is where you click yes and you can type in your overall blog description.

Once you have done this you’re good to go. When you go into a post on the right hand side by the options to schedule and add tags etc there will be something called ‘Search Description’ and you can then add in your short description of the post you’re doing.


On WordPress you should make sure you have the SEO Yoast plugin enabled on your blog and when you do it’s easy to add a Meta Description to each individual page as you get a preview of how your post will look in Google. This is exactly the same for your homepage, this meta description is the one for your blog as a whole.

The top bit is your title, the bit underneath your URL and the bottom is your meta description. All you need to do is click the pencil on the right side to edit the meta description and set it as you’d like. The upside to this as opposed to the Blogger version is you know what it looks like so you know if the length is correct without having to work it out for yourself.

I would always recommend going back through ALL your old posts to add descriptions, if you have a lot of posts maybe commit to doing 10 posts each evening and quick enough they’ll be complete. Remember when you’re adding a description to add keywords in such as ‘Naked Palette 3 Review’, ‘Top Restaurants in London’ or ‘Vegan Chocolate Cake Recipe’ because these are what your audience are going to be searching into Google.



  1. March 2, 2016 / 3:23 pm

    Hi Rhian, thanks for this. Any idea how I set a meta description for my blog if I don't have a home page as such? I have the yeost plug-in on WordPress, but with no home page I don't get the yeost info to add a meta description.

    • March 2, 2016 / 4:07 pm

      Hi. Try going to your SEO Yoast plugin and click Titles and Meta and then Homepage and see where it takes you when you click editing the front page x

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