Three Ways To Make Your Pre-Holiday Smoother

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There are some essentials which I do every single time I plan to travel, whether that’s a quick short haul European trip or a longer organized trip outside of the continent. People go on holiday for a variety of reasons but no one wants to stress more than they need to, relaxation is a key part of traveling, and if you start relaxed there’s more chance of a smoother holiday. Here are some of my top tips to make your pre-holiday smoother:

Book your pre-holiday transportation

Usually, I am quite lucky and manage to find willing family members to drop me at airports but this is always something I check as I don’t want to be stressing a few days before about booking a taxi. If I know the times just aren’t suitable to get a lift, perhaps someone’s at work it’s no sweat to book transportation. Blacklane are a great choice both for getting to and coming back from the airport as their rates are all inclusive which includes taxes, tolls, fees and gratuities, especially useful if you book them in a foreign country such as Beijing or New York and you’re unsure of toll prices which can make your cab journey that bit more expensive. If you’re booking them for when you’ve stepped off a plane you don’t need to rush as they allow up to 60-minutes of free wait time, and if your plan changes cancellations are free up to 1 hour before a one-way ride.

Aspire Lounge

Book an airport lounge

I had my first airport lounge experience last month before a quick trip to Amsterdam and I don’t think I can go back. We all know the struggle of getting through security and seeing the heaving crowds of people swarming the shops, the huge queues just to get some food and the inability to find a seat unless you’re there during the twilight hours. An airport lounge can cost just £20 and provide you with the relaxation you need before a flight. Having been to Aspire who operate at a number of both UK and European airports you can get unlimited free food and drink – including alcohol – which is worth the price alone, relaxed surroundings, seats and comfortable areas and the use of sleepods. Before my flight to Amsterdam, I had never felt so relaxed from an airport experience.

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Buy your currency in advance

It always baffles me when people leave buying currency to the last minute, whether this is one or two days before, or at the airport. Some currencies which may only be used in the one country might have to be ordered in advance so even if you pop into your bureau du change the day before they may not have any in stock, for example, Denmark and Sweden. Buying your currency at the airport is one of the worst things you can do as you’re certainly going to get a lower exchange rate than you would at home, and in almost all cases it can be cheaper to withdraw money from an ATM when you arrive. Always plan your currency in advance so there’s less pre-holiday stress.

What tips do you have to make your pre-holiday smoother?
*This post was written in collaboration with Blacklane but all thoughts and opinions are my own
March 27, 2017
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  • I always try and book an airport lounge when I can – they make everything run a little smoother before a holiday! x

  • Melanie Edjourian

    I always buy my currency in advance it’s best to be well prepared and it helps reduce the stress of having to do it abroad when you have 3 children that don’t want to be with you changing money and would rather go swimming!

  • shoshana sue

    I had no clue that you could book an airport lounge, I always assumed it was a business/ first class privilege.

  • I found this interesting as we are going away in just over two weeks time, I have roped my poor Dad into being our transport. My husband booked our first airport lounge two years ago and as you say it is so much more relaxing and enjoyable, although not sure if he has booked it yet this time. I do still need to do my currency x

  • Donna

    Great advice. So many times recently we have arrived frazzled and stressed through bad planning or bad luck! Not a great way to begin!

  • Fab post. I love organisational posts, helps me loads when planning ahead especially with 6 kids to get to and from our holiday destination without much fuss x

  • I really like the sound of a booking an airport lounge, especially since it can provide you with free food and drink! x

  • I’ve never thought about booking an airport lounge- what a great idea! I need to see if there’s an option for that for my upcoming trip to Ukraine.

  • I know this gives a lot of people anxiety, but I love to just go with the flow when I take a trip! It’s so fun and adventurous to me 🙂

  • Always Carry On.

    3 very good tips – I couldn’t agree more Rhian! Having paper copies of all documents printed out also helps, in case your phone runs out of battery and you can’t get your booking info or boarding pass! x

  • Very good tips here. When planning a holiday I write a long list and study everything that need to be done. xx

  • We are thinking of booking Florida but finding it difficult to find somewhere that will allow us to book for October 2018. I was thinking if we are going that far I would book a lounge as with two kids coming with us a busy area would be a nightmare x

  • Blacklane sound amazing, I can not believe they wait upto 60 minutes for free. My only tip to make everything go smoother, is making sure I arrive for when check in opens so that I can relax, shop and take it easy in the lounge prior to flying out

  • These sound like very helpful tips, I will remember them for next time I want to book a holiday 😀

  • Hollie Burgess

    Ahhh the start of a holiday can be so stressful! I haven’t done an airport lounge before but I always book my transport before hand!

  • Fab post. Buying your currency on time is a great tip.

  • Annie Bean

    Always do money before but don’t always do airport lounges. If I am doing a long haul flight, and at one of the bigger airports this would be a great move.

  • Chloe Griffiths

    I’m currently looking into book a trip and food some great tips in this post xo

  • I totally have to agree about airport lounges. We booked one a few years ago and now do it every time. It makes such a difference and the holiday starts as soon as you arrive at the airport

  • Tooting Mama

    Great tips! I haven’t tried an airport lounge must try it!

  • I think planning ahead is essential, especially when you have kids and a queue can seem like torture!

  • After nearly missing a flight due to awful traffic, I would always recommend staying at the airport the night before. No point causing more stress! I think I will be using an airport lounge next time I travel solo too.

  • Lyndsey O’Halloran

    I always stay close to the airport the night before. So much easier.

  • kerry norris

    We go away 3 weeks tomorrow and this has just reminded me to get my money changed asap x

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