Moving Into Our New Home And Work Update

July 10, 2020
back garden of our new house

*This is a collaborative post 

It’s not been that long since I did a monthly update, but it’s been a long while since I did a life update. So much has happened this year, both good and bad, obviously bad with COVID. But this is the year I got engaged, turned 30, bought a house and started a new job. So it’s been a little crazy.

Let’s start with a little home update. So we’re now 3 and a bit months into home renovation which is kind of crazy in my book. I can’t believe how long ago we picked up the keys to our new house. And how much we’ve actually done in that time. There’s still a chunk of things to do but we’re getting closer to finishing day by day. While writing this we’re a few days away from having a decorated house. Our ensuite is virtually fitted, and our carpet has arrived ready to be fitted. Those are huge things and once all of that has been done the upstairs is near enough complete.

Moving in update

When it comes to moving in we’re doing it in phases. The first phase is emptying our storage unit which we’re aiming to do by 1st August. We’ve been paying for this unit since moving out of our flat last February so it’s time to stop paying and starting sorting through stuff/ moving it in. This stuff will be moved in once the carpet is down so the plan is to put it all in the living room or bedrooms for me to sort through.

I want to put away as much stuff upstairs as I can get. And get the furniture rebuilt; things like the bed, bedside tables, spare wardrobe etc. This means I can start feeling useful by organising things. And it means that we can slowly start moving things over from my Nan’s house and my parents. Yes, we have stuff everywhere.

If you’re moving around the Pheonix area check out who can help with the move.

Blog progress update

I’ve been trying to spend as much time on my blog as possible as every penny I make from it goes into the house fund. And boy do we need it. Renovations are pricey! I have been working on some SEO optimisation to make my pages rank higher in search engines. There are loads of companies you can get to help you out like this one in Toronto. Sometimes it’s best to get the professionals in.

Alongside SEO optimisation I have been trying to update various pages on my website to be as up-to-date as possible. A friend of mine started her own business so I helped her out with some merchant service alongside setting up her own website. It’s been so nice to be able to help her out beginning her business.

What’s your latest update in your work or home life?
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