Bargain Beauty Buys From Fragrance Direct

Bargain Beauty Buys From Fragrance Direct

Calvin Klein Delicious Luxury Creme Lipstick in Sinful Red: £1.99 / Famous by Sue Moxley/ Shimmer Brick in Pink: £2.99/ W7 Blusher Duo Compact in Pink: £1.99 / Technic Hide It Concealer Palette: £0.99 / Maybelline Dream Fresh 8 in 1 BB Cream: £2.99 / Rimmel Lasting Finish 25H Foundation in Natural: £3.99 / Rimmel Volume Flash Mascara: £3.99

A few months ago I was introduced to the Fragrance Direct website by a fellow blogger and after browsing the website I found so many things I wanted to buy. After filling my basket with way more items than I needed, I had that worry that I always have about finding out how much it’s going to cost me. But this time I didn’t have that worry. The seven products above cost less than £19! Can you believe that?

First of all I had a lovely Calvin Klein lipstick in a bright red because who doesn’t need a lovely red lipstick? The colour was vibrant and it had great lasting power so for £1.99 an amazing investment.

calvin klein lipstick

Next up were two blushers which I have used so much of since purchasing – as you can probably see from the photos. The shimmer brick is beautiful as it has a lovely pink colour which you can lighten or darken depending on where you swipe on the brick, and it had a very slight shimmer to it. The second was a dual blusher from W7 with an orange and a pink tone. The colours were very vibrant so you don’t need to use much but they were one of the longest lasting blushers I have ever used. I managed to put it on at 8.30am and it last until bedtime at 11pm; it even got through a spin class!

The concealer palette I haven’t used all that much of but the four shades are designed for different things; as concealer, to brighten the skin, tone down dark patches or reduce redness. The few times I have used it though it has done the trick to brighten my dark eyes and even my skin tone.

fragrence direct blusher

I wanted to buy a foundation because in my 25 years on this planet I have never used a foundation! I know can you believe?! I’ve used concealer and BB cream but never a foundation because i’m not good at blending and everything, but I thought for £4 I would indulge in one. The natural tone of the Rimmel product I chose matched my skin really well and it wasn’t too heavy so a great first foundation to try. I was a little worried before trying the Maybelline BB cream as it had quite an orangey colour to it but it actually brightened my skin and was a great match.

The final thing I got was a Rimmel volumising mascara. Over the past year i’ve tried so many mascara’s that I know which one’s I love but for the price this one was pretty great. It’s the sort of thing i’d take to a festival because it wouldn’t matter too much if I lost it!

fragrence direct bargains

Overall I had a fantastic experience with Fragrance Direct and got a load of amazing products for such great prices.

Have you tried Fragrance Direct? Did you make any amazing purchases?


  1. June 7, 2015 / 9:18 pm

    I get a lot of perfume from there, but have never looked at the cosmetic range. The prices are amazing.


  2. June 8, 2015 / 6:51 pm

    I've never tried them, what a fab haul!

  3. June 8, 2015 / 6:57 pm

    What a great collection, i love the colours. I have never used Fragrance direct before but i shall definately be going for a browse now. X

    • June 18, 2015 / 10:47 pm

      Definitely worth it because you can buy quite a few things for not much money! x

    • June 18, 2015 / 10:47 pm

      Let me know if you end up buying anything, love to see others purchases. x

  4. June 9, 2015 / 8:22 am

    They have some amazing deals on fragrance direct, so cheap and such a great haul! 🙂 x

    • June 18, 2015 / 10:48 pm

      I know such great prices and i'm a sucker for value! x

  5. June 9, 2015 / 8:28 am

    Fragrance direct do makeup?! Well you learn something new every day x

    • June 18, 2015 / 10:48 pm

      I know I was so shocked with how great their selection was. x

  6. June 11, 2015 / 6:49 pm

    ive bought a few things from there a while ago and couldnt believe how many items i got for less

  7. June 16, 2015 / 7:07 pm

    Wow didn't even know fragrance direct existed! I'll be heading over there I think you've got some bargains 🙂

    • June 18, 2015 / 10:48 pm

      It's great because you can try things which you wouldn't fork out loads of money on. So it's not a huge waste if you don't like a product x

  8. June 16, 2015 / 7:19 pm

    Ohh! What a bargain and lovely colours. I need to have a look!

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